While Limp Bizkit's Milan date is on its way to a safe sell-out, today sees the release of the film GOTHICA: disturbing and gripping thriller by Mathieu Kassoviz featuring the beautiful - Oscar-winning - Halle Berry in a masterful performance alongside a surprising Penelope Cruz.

The choice of 'Behind Blue Eyes' as the film's closing theme song, which in the words of The Who and Limp Bizkit's interpretation encapsulates the psychodrama of the protagonists and 'the alternation of good and evil' that lurks within each of us.

Limp Bizkit's video clip, which has already caused a lot of talk because it stars Fred Durst together with Halle Berry herself, follows the story of the film where the charming Dr. Miranda (this is her name in the film) transforms herself from psychiatrist to patient, finding herself living this double role in the clinic where she works.
Video clips and films are set in an incredible location: the former St. Vincent-de-Paul maximum security prison in Woodward, Quebec...

'Behind Blue Eyes' is the second single taken from 'Results May Vary', the most recent album by LIMP BIZKIT, a band with 30 million records sold.

No one knows what it's like
to be the bad man
To be the sad man
behind blue eyes........