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After years of absence from Italian stages, Sunday 23 July 2023 the highly acclaimed Canadian-born singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright will be on stage at Sforzesco Castle in Milan on the occasion of the Summer at the Castle. I tickets will be available on Ticketone from 3 p.m. on Thursday 11 May and later on the Mailticket.

Martha Wainwright published in August 2021 Love Will Be Rebornhis best album according to critics. Not since Come Home to Mama of 2012 than a record by Wainwright was not so full of unreleased, coming after the last few years spent in solitude in search of optimism and joy.

La Wainwright wrote the first song on the album - which would become the title track - several years ago. The singer-songwriter was going through a very dark period, but the positivity and brightness of Love Will Be Reborn anticipated what would later happen. The song literally gushed out of her.

Many of the pieces written by Martha Wainwright after Goodnight City of 2016 sounded very raw. "I had several years where when I picked up the guitar I felt really sad and depressed. I would just want to put it down because I was terrible'. Before he could write about it, or use it for true catharsis, Wainwright had to experience such a period. The track that opens the album, Middle of the Lakedepicts the path of the Wainwright towards the future: "I sing my songs of love and pain / Winds of change or simply singing, I'm singing in the rain". His work never conceals an open existential wound. "There are a couple of important topics in the record. What I can say is that there is really darkness and then comes the light. It reflects a very difficult time, that of divorce. Then, later on, you meet someone new and extraordinary. And so you hear certain songs about this new love."

Martha Wainwright has always embraced its wild nature and spoken with raw depth. This makes the Wainwright True to herself, uncompromising, and 20 years after her debut, she continues to win new loyal fans. Love Will Be Reborn captures the heart of a Wainwright in a transitional phase. In an attempt to re-emerge from a painful period like a phoenix from the ashes of an existential twilight, the Wainwright offers a testimony of what his heart endured to find joy once again.


Date & Time:
23/07/2023 - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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