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The only date of the Vintage Trouble changes location and moves: it will no longer be held in Santeria Tuscany 31 but at the Legend Clubalways at Milan and on the same day of Tuesday 4 July 2023.

I tickets already issued for the previous venue remain valid for access to the concert; the new ones are available on Ticketone e Ticketmaster.

The band is preparing for the release of the new album Heavy Hymnalscheduled for 23 June next on the Cooking Vinyland recently released the single The Love That Once Lingered featuring the Los Angeles singer Lady Blackbird. This is the second extract from the album after Not The One.

Speaking of the song, the frontman Ty Taylor states 'In love life it is complicated to face that moment when you open your eyes, heart and mind to the idea that what is actually became what was. At the beginning of a relationship a kiss, a hand on the cheek, making love or laughing last much longer than the actual moment of contact. You can be on a train for hours going out of town away from your love but with a smile on your face because you can still smell his sweet aura. One day it just doesn't happen anymore. Many times you can't even find a reason, but it is a tremendous pain and can come in an instant. Love as it comes can also leave quickly, without explanation. From feverish, it turns cold. When I was growing up, I listened to many incredible duets within love songs that struck me because it sounded like hearing the two sides of a love story whispered simultaneously in my right and left ear. When our producer Chris Seefried diabolically suggested that we record with Lady Blackbirdthe sky opened up. And when she started singing, I realised that God is there and his love will remain forever."




Tuesday 4 July 2023

Milan, Santeria Toscana 31

NEW VENUE: Milan, Legend Club - viale Enrico Fermi, 98

Concerts start at 21:30

Tickets available on Ticketone e Ticketmaster.

Standing room only: € 27.00 + prev. / € 30.00 at the box office on the evening of the concert.


Date & Time:


Standing room only
€27.00 + prev.
In the box office on show night


Legend Club

viale Enrico Fermi, 98