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The indie-folk minstrel William Fitzsimmons will soon embark on a tour to celebrate fifteen years of The Sparrow and the Crowhis most successful album. The tour includes a single Italian stop, Monday 13 May 2024 at the Arci Bellezza in Milan. I tickets are already available on Says; access to the concert will also require the ARCI card.

On this tour, all in intimate locations, Fitzsimmons will perform The Sparrow and the Crow in its entirety for the first time ever in Europe, ensuring a unique and nostalgia-filled experience for fans across the continent. The album, released in 2008, represents a crucial moment in the career of Fitzsimmons and gained wide acclaim thanks to touching lyrics, brilliant melodies and the emotional depth of the songs.

Critics have hailed it as a masterpiece, with accolades underlining the album's impact. The Washington Post called him at the time a "sad but delicately adorable album', while the Boston Herald he wrote: 'Extremely poignant and yet so delicate that you fear a puff might blow it out of the CD player, the singer-songwriter's divorce story Fitzsimmons is almost a masterpiece. Recalling both the free-range folk rock of the early Joe Henry that the cursed intimacy of Nick Drake, The Sparrow and the Crow transforms tragedy into art and beauty without belittling it.".

To commemorate this milestone, Fitzsimmons has curated a setlist that will take listeners on an intense journey through the album's tracks, revisiting the vivid emotion and storytelling that made it a timeless classic, as well as performing other fan favourites.


Date & Time:
13/05/2024 - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Standing room only
€ 15,00 + prev.
In the box office on show night
€ 20,00
Admission allowed for card holders


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