FINN ANDREWS on solo tour to present the new album of his THE VEILS, in December in Milan!

Finn Andrews returns on tour as a solo artist to bring to the public the songs that made the line-up he led so popular, The Veilstogether with tracks from the new double album ...And Out of the Void Came Lovereleased last March. Italian fans will have a unique opportunity to be able to see it live: Thursday 7 December 2023 at the Arci Bellezza in Milan. I tickets are already available on Says; admission also requires the ARCI card. 

It has been a good seven strange and long years since the last studio album by the The Veils, Total Depravity. During this long and tumultuous period of injury and isolation and the beginning of a new life originates ...And Out of the Void Came Love. After the publication of Total Depravity, Andrews releases a solo album and begins a world tour. One night, while rocking out on the piano during a particularly intense moment on stage, he fractured his wrist. "It sounds cool, Jerry Lee Lewis-style, but it was a fucking nightmare," he says. Andrews. He still continued to play and completed the tour, but when he was examined he realised he had made a bad move. "The scaphoid bone in my wrist was dead, something I didn't even know was possible."

Convalescence involves a long period of rest for Finnand he took the opportunity to do what he does best: write songs. "I was in a cast and couldn't use my right hand. I would sing the melodies, then record the piano part for the right hand and then the left hand part. It could even have been a truly avant-garde process, if it hadn't also been incredibly annoying'. Just as his condition allowed him to resume playing the The Veils need to find a new label, but Finn decided to get to work on a new album anyway. Once the recording was finished, it became clear that such a variety of material deserved to be released on a double album. The result of all these years of questions, more or less voluntary confinement and uncertainties is the extraordinary new album by the The Veils ...And Out of the Void Came Loveperfect to listen to in two takes with a small interval, or as it says Andrews 'Make a coffee or smoke a cigarette, but don't go mowing the lawn, to the cinema or anything like that'. The work is the sixth studio for the The Veilscreated by Finn Andrewsat the age of sixteen and loved by directors such as Tim Burton, Paolo Sorrentino e David Lynch who often included them in the soundtracks of their own films.

THE VEILS solo performances

Thursday 7 December 2023

Milan, Arci Bellezza - via Giovanni Bellezza, 16/A


Tickets available on Says.

Single seat: € 20.00 including presale / € 20.00 at the box office on the evening of the concert

Admission allowed for ARCI card holders.