Anticipation was high from the early hours of the afternoon when first dozens, then hundreds of fans began to line up in front of the doors of the Rolling Stone in Milan, singing the hits of their favourites, from 'Anything is possible' a 'September Sun'.
The scenario presented at 8 p.m., just before the start of the My Own Rush (their performance was excellent), is that of a venue packed to the rafters and an uncommon enthusiasm. I Finley are leaving their mark, no doubt about it! There is all the atmosphere of grand occasions and in the air one can sense that the one in Milan is perhaps the most awaited stage of the tour.
The roar that greets the four youngsters who grew up on the outskirts of Milan is impressive and so it will be throughout the concert, song after song. Here is the complete setlist, consisting not only of songs from their debut album but also covers (3):

September Sun
Shut Up
You will become a star
All I've Got
Choose me
Run Away
Fat Lip
Drops Of Time + Inside The Box
Smoke and Ash
Everything is Possible

In view of the great enthusiasm, the band returned to the stage to remake 'You will be a Star'.

Photo: Francesco Prandoni