FRANCO MUSSIDA - On 14 April at the Auditorium San Fedele in Milan

immersive concert

first concert of his latest album in an expanded version and
diffused with an Acusmonium and Ottophonic system

Tickets available in advance on Ticketone from 10.00 a.m. tomorrow

On 14 April FRANCO MUSSIDA returns in concert at the Auditorium San Fedele in MILAN (Via Ulrico Hoepli, 3/b - 9.00 p.m.), to present live tracks from his latest album 'Il Pianeta della Musica e il viaggio di Iòtu' (CPM Music Factory/Self Distribuzione), available in CD, vinyl and Blu-ray formats.

This concert, promoted by Barley Arts, marks the beginning of the musician's new artistic phase that assigns sound quality a central role. In particular, it highlights the quality of the instruments, especially Mussida's Baritona guitar, which can be heard in all its breadth and depth.

The very high sound quality of the Auditorium San Fedele's Acusmonium loudspeaker system marries beautifully with this particular project, offering listeners a special immersive experience.

In addition to the 13 compositions contained in the album, the setlist also includes unreleased musical moments and improvisations to be experienced intensively with the audience in the auditorium.

On stage with Franco Mussida's guitar and voice will be six young musicians, chosen on the basis of expressive, timbral and rhythmic harmonic qualities: Giulia Lazzerini, Marta Bonato, Marina Ferrazzo (voices); Eveline Lucchini (bass); Alessandro Rossi (percussion); Alessandro Spoldi (keyboards).

Franco Mussida: "It is a joy to return to playing in public with this new sounding guitar of mine that I have long searched for, finally found. Double joy because at bottom I am telling the story of the work of every musician, whether or not he or she has the awareness to do so: that of entering into relationships, of being welcomed by people's hearts, through music. Perhaps this is why I play and create stories, visions of an inner world seen with my ears. Or perhaps, because by playing I learn; I learn and I feel. I feel that the beauty of Music is yet to come, that the best of her, has yet to be discovered, and will amaze us".

Tickets for the concert are available for pre-sale from 10 a.m. tomorrow, Tuesday 31 January, on Ticketone.