GAVIN DeGRAW - The singer-songwriter returns to Italy to present his latest album FACE THE RIVER

Chariot singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw will be back in Italy this autumn to present Face The River, the seventh studio album released last year on the RCA Records label. The date for fans is Tuesday 3 October 2023 at Santeria Toscana 31 in Milan. Tickets for the show will be available on Ticketone and Ticketmaster from 10am on Friday 17 March.

Gavin DeGraw's inimitable voice resonated worldwide in 2003 thanks to his debut album Chariot, which contained the pearls Follow Through, I Don't Want To Be, as well as the eponymous planetary hit Chariot. After collecting a string of gold and platinum records, she received a Grammy Award nomination in 2013 for We Both Know, a duet with Corbie Caillat.

Face The River is a very intimate and personal work with an enchanting story as its main theme. In the Catskills mountain range in upstate New York, a man and a woman loved music almost as much as they loved each other. They attended the historic Woodstock festival together on what they thought would be their last weekend together, since the man had his draft card for Vietnam in his back trousers pocket. After their military service ended, the two married and had three children. One of them ended up travelling the world as a rock star....

With a front row seat to witness this wonderfully wild little life under the guidance of his late parents Lynne and John Wayne, Gavin DeGraw recounts his most meaningful memories and valuable life lessons in his latest work, Face The River. The multi-platinum singer-songwriter stitches his story together with an unmistakable soundtrack of rock, pop, soul and funk.

"Many parts of Face The River tell the story of my parents," notes DeGraw. "In some parts it's me observing their story. This is the record I felt I had to write. I got to witness the greatest love story between two people who would do anything for each other and their family. They were very loyal and faithful. They had no money, but they had something much better than money. I saw the pinnacle of what love should be."


Tuesday 3 October 2023
Milan, Santeria Toscana 31 - viale Toscana, 31
Concerts start at 21:00

Tickets available on Ticketone e Ticketmaster.
Standing room only: € 26.00 + prev. / € 30.00 at the box office on the evening of the concert.