The bizarre weather of this summer 2013 has side effects in... rain! Also on the Tutto Da Capo Tour of the Gemini DIVersiThe programme is proceeding with some changes to the calendar: the rescheduled date for the concert in Macerata last Saturday as part of the Maracuja Festival, which was hit by a violent downpour, has been set for 23 July. The concert scheduled for Friday, July 19 in Rezzato (Brescia) has been cancelled, but with a small benefit for those who had bought the ticket in advance: they can replace it with the one for the concert on December 2 at Alcatraz in Milan, at no extra cost. The replacement of the tickets (or the request for a refund) must take place no later than Friday, August 2, by making a request directly to the point of sale that issued them. (for further information call 02 6884084 or 030 2791881)
The remaining dates of the summer tour are regularly confirmed: August 10 in Gallese (VT), August 15 in Delianuova (RC), September 16 in Zafferana Etnea (CT) and September 6 at the Castle of Pavia, as well as the two dates that will seal the end of the tour on November 23 at Atlantico Live in Rome and December 2 at Alcatraz in Milan.

The "Tutto Da Capo Tour", organised by Barley Arts, brings Thg (DJ), Strano (singer), Thema and Grido (rapper) back on the scene, in contact with an audience that is increasingly participating in the concerts of a band, the Gemelli DiVersi, that continues not to disappoint.
The Gemelli DiVersi, born in 1998 under the aegis of Best Sound, the historic label that gave birth to many Milanese hip hop groups from the 90s to today, can count on a 15-year career and an untold number of hits that any fan at their concerts sings at the top of his voice. These include the singles from their latest Sony album 'Tutto Da Capo': 'Spaghetti Funk Is Dead', 'Per farti sorridere', 'V.A.I.' and 'Alla Goccia' have topped the radio charts and struck a chord with new followers. The video for "Va Tutto Bene" an amusing animation entirely created by Grido, who designed and drew the avatars of the whole band, has already totalled more than 130 thousand views ( www.youtube.com/watch)?
Tickets for the concerts are available at Ticketone outlets and other authorized circuits throughout Italy.
The complete Tutto Da Capo Tour schedule is updated on the official website www.gemellidiversi.it or on the official facebook page facebook.com/gemellidiversi