GENTILE: A Recipe for a Song at Food For All! Different food at the Feltrinelli Foundation

Dear will participate on Tuesday 8 May at 21.00 with Recipe for a song a Food for All! Different food, food for all, a week on biodiversity, multiculturalism and food-related meanings organised by Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation in Viale Pasubio 5 in Milan.

Recipe for a song is the live concert that, in collaboration with Barley Arts, mixes spices and ingredients with the funk, r'n'b and soul notes of music. Trying his hand at cooking, the artist Dear, a young up-and-comer on the Roman music scene, talks about himself at 360 degrees, tickling the ears and palates of the audience.

A passion for food is also a feature of Gentile's musical production. So much so that last April Rockol published the latest live session of the fortmat #SEEGENTILE, in which the artist performs directly from the kitchens of the Roman restaurant Santo Palato.

Dear is a young man from southern Rome who grew up in punk rock music, moving through metal, funk and soul melodies and then condensing everything into a new energy during his professional growth.

Gentle is a way of not defining one's music. A game of contrast. A synaesthetic oxymoron. He sings in English but with a Roman spirit, accompanied by his scratchy timbre, bluesy rhythm and a driving beat. He is a soul soul locked in a punk body in which the contrast between image and sound is as strong as that between name and identity. Far from 'gentle', in fact, is his energetic and unconventional live performance; a physical, sweaty and violent live performance in which the artist breaks free from the mould of musical academicism.

The imperative is to get dirty and give the audience a feeling of authenticity, roughness and strong connection. While still 16, he played in a punk rock band, while from 18 he was a member of Motherwhig, a metal band in which he remained until 2012. In 2017, his musical project took shape, and Gentile's voice was joined by a five-piece band: Giulio Pantalei (Panta) on guitar, Giordano Nardecchia (Airesis) on bass, Riccardo Bala on drums and Susanna Sallemi on keyboards. Together with them, they close their first record work at The Lab studio.

n 22 January '18, Let It Shine was released, the first single from 'The Pleasure'.