Ex.Wave will be in concert on Thursday 10 November at the Salumeria della Musica in Milan (via Pasinetti, 4 / 9.30 p.m. / ticket € 12 + dir. prev.) and on Saturday 12 November at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome (viale Pietro De Coubertin, 30 / 9 p.m. / ticket € 15).

In concerts in Milan and Rome (organised by Barley Arts), previews of the 'Plagiarism Tour 2012', Ex.Wave will present, for the first time live, their new album "Plagiarism" (distributed by Sony Music) and will give life to an original show: the duo from Abruzzo will play behind a projection screen where scenes from the concert, filmed by director Simone Lisciani Petrini, will alternate with works by video artists (including one by Fabio Scacchioli, who participated in the Nuovi Orizzonti section of the Venice Film Festival). The listener will be taken on a musical journey that crosses and unites distant sonorities, dreamlike and rarefied atmospheres that are realised in a new dimension of 'visual music'.

In the album 'Plagiarism', which boasts the precious vocal collaboration of Astrid Young (Neil's sister) in the track 'Wonderland', Ex.Wave have merged different worlds into one sound: that of classical music with the ever-evolving universe of electronic music. Their musical project is expressed in the choice of combining electronic instruments, such as the violectra or synthesisers, with classical instruments, such as the piano and viola, to create a sound inspired by Michael Nyman, Daft Punk and the Beastie Boys.

Lorenzo Materazzo and Luca D'Alberto grew up musically in the greatest music schools (Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Mozarteum in Salzburg, Royal Academy in London) where they acquired a deep academic education and developed, at the same time, the need to dialogue with modernity. In less than two years since their formation, they have already gained important recognition: in July 2008, they opened the Milan dates of Deep Purple (of whom they were supporters again this year on 18 July at the Arena di Verona); in June 2009, they were invited to play at the Royal Palace in Munich by George Michael who, after listening to them, in an interview with the artistic director of the Goss-Michael Foundation, Filippo Tattoni Marcozzi, declared 'Ex.Wave music is absolutely new, fantastic. It surrounds and captures from above' (Ex.Wave music is absolutely new, fantastic. It surrounds and captures from above'.) Also in 2009, in January, EX.WAVE's first album entitled 'Open Your Eyes' was released on the RNC Music/Do It Yourself label. They have collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode) for whom they have composed some pieces for strings and piano, Recoil, Sara Lov (Devics), Astrid Young, Mike Garson (pianist and historical arranger for David Bowie and Smashing Pumpkins), the French duo The Electronic Conspiracy for whom they have arranged a track on their next record. They have also composed original music for exhibitions hosted by the XV Quadriennale in Rome and Moma in New York.