Attending one of their concerts is the only way to fully grasp the magic of their music. I Gongthe historic collective with more than 40 years of activity and multiple incarnations of psychedelia, space-rock, electronica and progressive, arrive in Italy to present their new album, 'In Your Dreams" . The band will be the 18 November in Rome at Stazione Birra, 19 November in Livorno at the Cage Club, 20 November in Milan at the Salumeria della Musica and the 21 November in Trieste at the Miela Theatre.


I Gong have never stopped changing shape in their 46-year career, from their origins in the wake of the Parisian '68 revolutions to their new 21st century incarnation. Unorthodox, unpredictable, resisting the pressures of show business and yet adored by a multitude of fans of all ages. What is their secret? Rolling Stonesays about them: "I Gong are a reality that changes its components, transforms its image consistently and evolves musically without losing a single bit of its psychedelic, crazy, yet timeless personality'.

The peculiarity of the Gong has always been to open itself up to new generations of musicians while maintaining a perfect balance between fidelity to its origins and the spirit of research and innovation. Proof of this is the new line-up, which includes Daevid Allenthe historic founding member, who at the age of 75 holds the flag of tradition high, together with the irresistible drummer Orlando Allen. They are joined by the new guitarist Kavus Torabiformer member of the Cardiacsthe virtuoso Ian East 'Wind' to the horns and flutes, the sinuous bass lines of the sound manipulator Dave Sturt and the sublime guitars of the Brazilian Fabio Golfetti.



Details of the dates:

Tuesday 18 November - Rome, Stazione Birra

Tickets: 22 € + d.p.


Wednesday 19 November - Livorno, The Cage Club

Tickets: 20 € + p.p. on sale on the Bookingshow circuit (www.bookingshow.it/ 25 € at the cash desk


Thursday 20 November - Milan, Salumeria della Musica

Tickets: 30 € + p.p. on sale on the Ticketone circuit (on the website www.ticketone.it and at authorised points of sale)


Friday 21 November - Trieste, Teatro Miela

Tickets: 27 € + d.p. / 30

€ at the door