Presentation of the new album Let's Do it Again

to be released on 16 November on Damaged Goods/Fungo Records


Via Casilina, 713

10 p.m.

Admission: € 8.00 + dp





Hot off the incredible success of their debut album RACEY ROLLER, the glam-rock'n'roll quintet, after a long wait, will finally perform in Rome to present their long-awaited new album LET'S DO IT AGAIN, due out on 16 November on the UK label Damaged Goods


16 November 2013 LP-CD Damaged Goods/Fungo Records


Giuda is the new Gary Glitter. Glam Rockers for the 21st Century'. Kim Fowley


"From Rome, neo-bovver rockers get stomping. Recalling the stack-heeled sounds of Slade, The Sweet and The Faces plus the 'junk shop glam', Romans Judas do their bit for similarly no-pretention, high-energy rocking with their debut Racey Roller." MOJO

Judas are the best band we've seen all years!

They've ram-raided the vaults of 70's glam, punk and rock 'n' roll to make a foot-stomping, fist-pumping riot of sound that has the scenesters, the punks and rockers and young and old in attendance going nuts." Vive Le Rock



"The Judas are a force of nature. They will be famous. In fact they already are." Noise

"This music is perfect on the bend, in the disco, under the stage, in the pub, in the street, always with Judas in your ears." RollingStone

""Their performance in the Buffalo Bar, in London, transported me back to the heady days of watching punk groups play in the back rooms of dodgy London pubs in 1977".
Phil KIng (Lush, Jesus and Mary Chain)



After 10 years of utter mediocrity where nothing new means anything, it's a wondrous occasion when a record jumps out and gabs you by the unmentionables".

Robin Wills (Barracudas)

"When i heard Racey Roller i was pissing my pants laughing, because it's so brilliant, so exhilarating and fun". Joe Elliott (Def Leppard)


Fresh from the success of the astonishing 2010 debut album Racey Rollerpublished by the US label Dead Beat and subsequently reissued by the UK label Damaged Goods and the Californian TKO, reaching 10,000 copies sold, GIUDA return with their highly anticipated second work entitled Let's do it Again, due out on 16 November again on Damaged Goods.


After a year and a half spent playing incessantly on stages in Europe and the United States, managing to attract, something very rare for an Italian band, the attention and enthusiasm of the most influential international magazines such as MOJO e RollingStone and gaining a large group of fans who follow the band to the cry of "I'm A Judas Fan" (slogan imprinted on patches and t-shirts) including a number of musicians such as Phil KIng (Jesus and Mary Chain/Lush), Robin Wills (Barracudas), Kim Fowley, Tony Barber (Buzzcocks), Tesco Vee (Meatmen), Tony Sylvester (Turbonegro), the five Judas locked themselves in the studio to create the follow-up to the acclaimed debut.


Recorded in analogue with strictly seventies instrumentation by the inseparable Danilo Silvestri, producer of the record together with guitarist Lorenzo Moretti, Let's do it again continues the musical journey undertaken with Racey Roller undoubtedly marking a step forward in songwriting, which compared to the debut album shows a more complex structure, even more catchy and engaging melodies, without losing immediacy and energy.


Although the band's influences are clear, the British rock of early 70s big names such as Slade, The Sweet and T-Rex, the Junkshop glam of misunderstood bands such as Hector and Jook, the pre-AC/DC aussie rock of Vanda and Young and the pub rock/punk of bands such as Slaughter And The Dogs and Eddie and The Hot Rods, with Let's do it again the Roman quintet succeeds in creating an absolutely original and highly personal sound that projects them onto the international rock and roll scene as one of the new benchmark bands.


10 tracks, 10 glam-pop-rock'n'roll anthems that remain imprinted in the mind from the first listen where aggressive guitars stand out against a 'rubbery' and incessant rhythmic base, combining perfectly with a powerful and driving vocal.


The Giuda imagery is made of platform boots (high, very high), football (AS Roma to be precise), roller skates and a good dose of Bay City Rollers. Nothing is left to chance in the world of GIUDA, even the graphics (Tony CrazeeKid) are the result of a visceral passion for precise 70s atmospheres.


The quintet, consisting of Lorenzo Moretti (guitar/vocals), Ntendarere Damas (vocals), Michele Malagnini (guitar), Danilo Valerii (bass) and Daniele Tarea (drums) fully embodies the original principle of rock and roll: having fun.

Far from any form of intellectualism, Judas do not pretend to enlighten you with analyses and reflections on life, death or love, they have no answers for almost any occasion and yet in their sound, in their lyrics there is all the vitality, urgency and spontaneity that are the ultimate essence of rock and roll!


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