It was held yesterday at theMilan Auditorium the latest replica of Frozen Planetone of the three documentaries that make up the event series BBC Earth Concertspresented for the first time in Italy by Barley Arts e laVerdi. A unique and immersive experience that through the extraordinary images of the best nature documentaries of the BBC accompanied by the unpublished music performed live by the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdiwith Paolo Barillari e Valentina Ferrari in the role of narrator, enchanted over 5000 spectators within nine appointments between 2 July and 2 September 2014.

Through the extraordinary images of the best nature documentaries of the BBC, projected on the big screen and accompanied in the theatre by engaging Unpublished music performed strictly live by the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi, conducted by Danilo Grassi, i BBC Earth Concerts are a total experience in a unique communion of sounds and images.

The BBC Earth Concerts are developed through three different shows: Planet Earth, The Blue Planet e Frozen Planet, which took place at the Milan Auditorium over a series of appointments for a total of nine evenings in July, August and September 2014.


I BBC Concerts are the perfect bridge between the world ofedutainment and music: a choice in perfect coincidence with what has always been Barley Arts' aims and intentions.

A line-up of 58 musicians between strings, woodwinds, keyboards, percussion and harp, coordinated by the director of laVerdi Danilo Grassiperformed live in thematic evenings the music created by the composer English George Fenton - winner of Ivor Novello, BAFTA and Emmy awards for the music of The Blue Planet - to accompany the spectacular BBC nature images. The voices of Valentina Ferrari (presenter e singer at Planet Earth) e Paolo Barillari (narrator at The Blue Planet e Frozen Planet) guided viewers through the wonderful footage of the series.

Each appointment was dedicated to one of the British broadcaster's three documentaries on life on our planet: Planet Earthwhich investigates the evolution of environments - from the peaks of Nepal to the lush vegetation of the Amazon rainforest to the sculpted dunes of the Sahara - through stunning slow-motion sequences; The Blue Planetwhich explores the seabed teeming with life to unexplored depths; finally Frozen Planetwhich captures all the fragile, awe-inspiring beauty and magnificent power of the elements in the vastest ice deserts on earth.
The shows The Blue Planet, Planet Earth e Frozen Planet in Concertconceived under the supervision of the composer of the original music George Fentonhave been accompanied by the world's leading orchestras since 2010 and performed in some of the biggest venue in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia, collecting a series of sold out and received rave reviews from critics.

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