It will be released on 25 May "Il Linguaggio delle Murene" the new Ep by IG, the project by Ivana Gatti and Gianni Maroccolo. While waiting for the album that will be released in the autumn, IG, the prolific project born from the encounter between Gianni Maroccolo and Ivana Gatti, continues to gain ground among the good notes. After the recent release of the precious mini-LP entitled "Stay"which has been able to win over audiences and critics alike, after a successful tour that brought it to the Italian stage with a truly remarkable line-up (Luca Bergia - Marlene Kuntz - on drums, Antonio Aiazzi - Litfiba - on keyboard, Cristiano della Monica - PGR - on percussion, Daniela Salvadori - Caravane de Ville - on cello), Gianni and Ivana have chosen to give birth to a new, magical creature.

"The language of moray eelsIl Linguaggio delle Murene", this is the evocative title of the EP composed of three audio tracks and a video, draws new colours, recalls emotions guided by the sun, adds other poems among the splendid lunar atmospheres already present in "Resta". And "Il Linguaggio delle Murene" is also the title of the first song, a multifaceted track that opens the curtain to spring dances, to the season that timidly subtracts the fertile months that belong to it by nature from the scratches of winter. Here, then, are the emotions that sprout and grow amidst crowns of fascinating and rare sounds, sounds that Gianni Maroccolo's skilful hands skilfully create and cradle, making chords-melodies and Ivana's sweet, almost elfin voice bloom.

Thirty seconds of the single 'Il Linguaggio delle Murene' available for free streaming in the Barley Box on the right.

In the red light of dusk, however, the sounds of "Still biting regular waves"which sums up its body in the acronym A.M.O.R.E.. Ivana's femininity sensually intones the acceleration of the beats, takes them by the hand with a capricious and feline voice to let them vent in movements that recall the animality of the most secret acts of love.
So far, so near, the past returns with greater reverberation in "Don't cry for me Carcina"This is a ballad that is certainly more in keeping with the soundscapes of the previous EP, in which Ivana recounts the need to break the vicious thread of habit and the desire to gain a different degree of awareness. It is a nostalgic, sweet and deep track, a song that speaks of distance, loneliness and rebirth: a fairy tale with a happy ending that Maroccolo enhances through an elegant Anglo-Saxon arrangement.

As was the case with 'Stay', IG and Alabianca have also chosen to distribute and sell "Il Linguaggio delle Murene" exclusively online, through the websites www.giannimaroccolo.com and www.alabianca.it.

IG will soon present the new album in its live dimension. Ivana Gatti, Gianni Maroccolo and their 'dream band' have already been confirmed for the fourth edition of the Flippaut Festival, scheduled for 21 and 22 July at Milan's Idroscalo.. IG will be performing on the second day (Saturday 22 July) in the company of, among others, the Massive Attack, Tom Verlaine e Gotan Project.

IG is a truly unique and rare alchemy, an encounter that has brought together two artists bound together by a single love of music and the freedom that resides in it.

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