The DIE ÄRZTE concert on 23 May in Milan is SOLD OUT!!!

Extraordinary Die Ärzteless than a week before pre-sales for the concert at theAlcatraz, Milanfans of the historic German punk rock band literally sold out tickets, perfectly in line with the European trend that already sees several sold-out dates at the Miles & More Tour 2019. Tickets will no longer be available on the official sales channel Vivaticket e Barley Arts strongly advises viewers against relying on secondary ticketing channels.

I Die Ärzte are a Berlin-based trio formed in 1982 - the very year punk rock was trying to survive in Germany - who did not have the slightest success on their debut: the band's infamous early performances resulted in total chaos, with members unable to complete shows because they forgot their songs or burst out laughing at jokes exchanged on stage, and with audiences left between amused and perplexed.

Although their musical skills have undoubtedly improved, over time the Die Ärzte had major problems with censorship in Germany due to their peculiar humour and a series of scandals that earned them the dubious title of the country's most controversial band during the 1980s. Reaching what they considered to be the high point of their career, in 1987 the band decided to break up and became punk rock legends: the farewell tour went off without a hitch, the triple live album Nach uns die Sintflut ('After Us, the Flood'), released shortly after the break-up, sold more than all its predecessors and the accompanying VHS remained in the German video charts for eight years.

During the long and tedious summer of 1993, seeing the piles of fan letters piling up, the guitarist Farin Urlaub back on his feet: together with drummer Bela B. hires the guitarist Rod to play bass and the album was born Die Bestie in Menschengestalt ('The beast in human form'). The three were not yet fully aware of the amount of people who were eagerly awaiting this moment: in 1994, they entered the German charts with five different albums and scheduled more than 100 concerts. Schrei nach Liebe ('Screaming for love'), contained on the album, is an openly political song with a harder rock sound, and wins the audience over with the way it talks about the problem of German Nazis by calling them by their right name: "Arschloch!" ("Assholes!").

Over the years the Die Ärzte continue to accumulate experience: from opening for the sold-out concerts of the Kiss in Germany to the three dates in Japan - where they performed in front of no less than two audiences - via theMTV Unplugged which German MTV decided to broadcast continuously for a whole year. In 2013 the band took a break that lasted until now, with the only exception of a short performance at a small festival in the garden of the Lohmeyer family, during which they continued to call the Nazis by their right name.



Miles & More Tour 2019

Thursday 23 May 2019

Milan, Alcatraz - via Valtellina, 25

Concerts start at 20:30