"Misguided Marchettari'.(Freak & Chic Ltd.)is the third chapter of Squillo®, the best-selling card game in Italy in 2013 and 2014 and the onlyrole playingironically based on the exploitation of prostitution. It is a creation of the histrionic artist IMMANUEL CASTO who, once again, casts his irreverent gaze on societyaround us by painting a satirical portrait.

"Marchettari Sprovveduti' will be premiered at Lucca Comics on Thursday 30 October and will be on sale from 5 November in the official digital store 


Dragonstore.co.ukand in selected shops(Raven Distribution).


After'Pappa Edition'e'Bordello d'Oriente'Immanuel Casto launches the third chapter of the 'Trilogy of Pleasure' by Squillo®.The first two editions soldover 20,000copies and were also the subject of a parliamentary question in 2013.


"Misguided Marchettari' is the first card game dedicated to male prostitution,an entertaining and cleverly constructed game comprisingas many as 100 cards, which provides2 to 6 players. Each participant is represented by a pimp card (such as "Keen"the entrepreneur, "Don Matteo"the priest and "Madame Renoir" the psychic) and manage their Gigolos, Marchettari and Trans. The aim of the game is to defeat the opponent by manoeuvring one's own Marchettari (from the sadistic "Jimmy" a "Constantine" the Italian stallion) with the limits and abilities dictated by the cards. There is no shortage of surprises among the event cards such as "Putin"which freezes the skills of Marchettari and Trans, "Romina Falconi" who cancels an attack with his indestructible eyeliner and "Ecclesiastic scandalsi', which leaves one Marchettaro baffled for a turn.


"Unwitting Marchettari' wants to entertain and amaze,leaving aside all moral considerations and giving free rein to aclever parody of a grotesque societyImmanuel Casto is joined on his journey by Martina Poli,27-year-old feminist (graduated with a thesis on female emancipation through erotic comics) who illustrated the papers,and Freak & Chic Ltd.


www.freaknchic.biz,the newly formed company consisting of Immanuel Casto himself, Jacopo Levantaci (owner of JLe Management), Stefano Maggiore and Roberto Petrillo (publisher of Raven).


The card game "Marchettari Sprovveduti" will accompany IMMANUEL CASTO and ROMINA FALCONI throughout their "Dreaming of KrakowTour'(produced and organised by Barley Arts and Freak&Chic)where it will be possible to buy it in advance of its official release in shops.



In the "Dreaming of KrakowTour' the two singer-songwriters will present their own songs and new surprise songs for a sparkling, choreographed showwhich will make stops throughout Italy and will see the king of theporn grooveand the singer-songwriteraccompanied by a band and the dance troupe of theThe Beat Girls.The show will be graced by thevisualby Immanuel Casto.


These are the confirmed dates of the "Dreaming of KrakowTour':11 October at the Exenzia Rock Club inMeadow25 October Naonian Concert Hall inPordenone,on 29 October at Alcatraz inMilanon 30 October at the Teatro del Giglio inLuccaon 8 November at the Estragon inBologna14 November at the Tipografia club inPescara21 November at Hiroshima Mon Amour inTurin28 November at BlackOut inRome29 November at the Karemaski inArezzoon 12 December at Il Circolo diMariano Comense(Co).