After the success of his Italian tour, which saw him appear in Italy between 18 and 21 March with four dates, all of which took place on the same day. sold outit is with great joy that we announce the return of JOE BONAMASSA for seven dates in the second half of July.
The American guitarist's new album will be released soon, a new production, this time totally acoustic after the ravings of the last one. You & Mehis most successful album to date. The many people who have flocked to his Italian concerts have witnessed an eclectic, complete show that is difficult to categorise under the simple label 'blues'.
Seven concerts at as many prestigious Italian festivals are coming up for Joe. Here are the details:

Date:Sunday 15 July
City: Pistoia
Venue: Piazza Duomo
Festival: Pistoia Blues Festival
Other artists: Joe Cocker

    Date: Monday 16 July
City: Mascalucia (CT)
Venue: Piazza Falcone e Borsellino
Festival: Etna Blues Fest 

  Date: Tuesday 17 July
City: Adro (BS)
Venue: Sports ground
Festival: Adro Rock Festival
  Admission: free with first cons. required

Date: Thursday 19 July
City: Narcao (CA)
Venue: Piazza Europa
Festival: Narcao Blues Festival 

Date: Friday 20 July
City: San Severino (MC)
Venue: to be defined
Festival: San Severino Blues Festival

  Date: Saturday 21 July
City: Forlì
Venue: Naima
Ticket: euro 15,00

Date: Sunday 22 July
City: Atri (TE)
Venue: Piazza Duchi D'Acquaviva
Festival: Green Hills Blues Festival
Ticket: free admission

Where not specified, the cost of the ticket is still to be confirmed.