It just so happens that Joe SatrianiOne of the best guitarists in the world, according to many, turned 50 just between the two Italian dates of his tour; that's right... he who is of Italian descent in the year that many of us will remember for the Azzurri's historic feat.
No better occasion to celebrate the guitar hero par excellence (look at the photo to believe), he who, together with his pupil Steve Vai has reshaped the coordinates of the 6-string over the last two decades.
Almost 2,000 people in Milan and as many in Rome welcomed the author of the recent Super Colossalpreceded by a performance by the always great Adrian Legg.
Between new songs and old favourites, here is the setlist for the Roman concert:

Flying in a Blue Dream
The Extremist
Redshift Riders
Cool 9
A Cool New Way
Satch Boogie
Super Colossal
Just Like Lighting
Ice 9
Oriental Melody
The Mystical Poteto Head Groove Thinh
Always With Me....
Surfing with the Alien
Crowd Chant
Summer Song