To say that he has returned to performing with renewed vigour would be to belittle him. In fact, he never left. Johnny Winterthe legendary white blues hero, on the scene for over forty years, will bring his tireless live activity back to Italy with three dates in May 2014. The magic of blues history relives on 19 May in Rome at Crossroads Live Clubthe 20 May in Udine at the Teatro Nuovo 'Giovanni da Udine'.the 21 May at Bloom in Mezzago (MB).


Legend has it that in 1962 Johnny Winterjust 17 years old, attended a show by the great bluesman B.B.Kingconvincing the artist to lend him his guitar and give him the chance to perform on his own stage, resulting in a standing ovation. An emblematic start to the career of what was to become one of the most appreciated and respected singers and guitarists, as well as the link between the British rock-blues of Eric Clapton e Jimmy Page and the American southern rock of Allman Brothers e Lynyrd Skynyrd.


After the self-titled first album, released for the Columbia Records in 1969, and participation in Woodstock in the same year, Johnny Winter continues to carry the torch of electric blues through the 1970s with the hot trio that also accompanies him live: bassist Tommy Shannon and the drummer Uncle John Turnerjoined by his brother Edgar Winter on keyboards and sax. Albums such as 'Johnny Winter And" (1970), "Still Alive and Well" (1973) e "John Dawson Winter III"(1974), in which the albino musician reinterprets in his own way songs from Chuck Berry e B.B.Kingbut also of Bob Dylan e Rolling Stonesimmediately become classics of the genre.

But that is not all: Johnny Winter also contributes to the revival of the career of a blues giant - and his boyhood idol - of the calibre of Muddy Watersproducing "Hard Again"(1977), which won a Grammy, "I'm Ready" (1978) , "Muddy 'Mississippi' Waters Live" (1979) e "King Bee" (1981). The success of these collaborations is such that Waters refers to Winter as 'his adopted son'.


Despite commercial success, Johnny Winter remains true to its roots, continuing to play the blues in its purest, uncompromising form: proof of this are the three albums released for the Alligator Records: "Guitar Slinger' (1984), hailed as his best (and most bluesy) album, the subsequent 'Serious Business"(1985) e "Third Deegree"(1986).


Today Johnny Winter is experiencing a renaissance by performing sold-out concerts all over the world. After a triumphant appearance alongside Derek Trucks, Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton at Crossroads Festival and the performance with the Allman Brothers at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan for the band's 40th anniversary, was headliner for prestigious events such as the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festivalthe Chicago Blues Festival and the Sweden Rock Festival.



All dates:


Monday 19 May 2014
Rome (loc. Osteria Nuova), Crossroads Live Club

Single seat tickets 30 € + p.p.


Tuesday 20 May 2014
Udine, Teatro Nuovo 'Giovanni da Udine'



- Theatre € 32,00 + p.p.
- First gallery € 28,00 + p.p.
- Second gallery € 23,00 + d.p.
- Third gallery € 18,00 + d.p.



Wednesday 21 May 2014
Mezzago (MB), Bloom

Single seat tickets 30 € + p.p.

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