Class of 1990, Tom Odell is among the most promising faces of the new British scene. Despite his first album 'Long way Down"(published by Sony Music), has yet to be released in Italy in physical format (the planned date is 9 October), interest and curiosity grew in the young singer-songwriter, whose compositions denote an uncommon maturity.

Tom Odell will arrive in Italy on 19 November at Factory in Milanfor its only date in our country.

Faithful to a line of songwriters starting from Bob Dylan, Nick Drake e Leonard Cohen, passes through David Bowie and Elton John and reaches up to contemporaries and contemporaries Ben Howard e Jack Bugg, Tom Odell is not afraid to openly criticise the talent show system and express his impatience with certain show business mechanisms, to which he contrasts the low profile of someone who, like him, has undertaken the typical singer-songwriter's apprenticeship, but also an extreme confidence and conviction in what he does.

Originally from the English province of Chichester, Tom composed his first songs at the age of 13, accompanying himself on the piano. He later moved to Brighton, where for a year he worked as a dishwasher during the day and performed in small clubs at night with one goal in mind: to finance the recording of his first record. The real breakthrough came with the move to London, where the young artist started a band, with which the songs gained substance: the next step was a contract with a management company, a publisher and a record company.

From this moment on, recognitions attesting to the young composer's worth follow one another: from the 10 million YouTube views of the single "Another Love" to the Brit Critics' Award - award, which had been given to Adele and Florence & the Machine in the previous two years - for the EP 'Songs from Another Love"(2012), up to the Burberry fashion shows who often use his music as a soundtrack.


The Tom Odell's first full-length, "Long Way Down"debuts at the #1 in the UK and convinces critics with piano and guitar ballads poised between pop and folk, joyful melodies yet permeated with a melancholic undertone, and lyrics that reveal literary and cinematic sources of inspiration such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Malick.

Link to the video of 'Another Love':

Tuesday 19 November

Milan, Factory

Concert starts at 9 p.m. - Admission 15 € + prev.

Tickets on sale on the Ticketone circuit (on the website and at authorised points of sale)