Dear president and dear board members and dear associates,

Following the statements made by Roberto De Luca during the 'Iene' report, I would like to inform you of the following:

1) Together with my lawyers, I am verifying whether the conditions exist for a collective legal action by Assomusica and/or the Associates who deem to be willing to subscribe to it and other components of the Live Music Sector against Live Nation for serious damage to the image and credibility of the whole category

2) I am in the process of verifying with my lawyers the terms of an unfair competition lawsuit by Live Nation against those producers and promoters who do not comply with the practices revealed by the statements and obviously have fewer resources

3) I believe that the President and the Board of Directors of Assomusica, regardless of the routine procedures involving the Board of Arbitrators, must immediately take a clear position disassociating themselves from what has emerged and declare themselves against these carcinogenic practices that are harmful to our consumers, our workers and our artists

It is clear that I cannot remain in this Association for one more second if the Association itself does not take the logical and consequential steps following what irrefutably emerged from the Iene film.


Sincerely yours,


Claudio Trotta