Five months after the event of Campovolo (all-time European record with 165,264 payers and 180,000 attendeesAccording to the 2005 rankings by Pollstar, the world's leading magazine for the live music industry, he is number one in the world in terms of number of tickets sold in a single concert), Luciano Ligabue is returning to the live scene. And he does so with a tour that will take him around Italy, until the summer, between clubs, arenas and stadiums.

In the CLUBS he will play with the Clandestine(Max Cottafavi, Luciano Ghezzi, Gigi Cavalli Cocchi, Giovanni Marani), in the PALASPORT with The Band (Federico Poggipollini, Mel Previte, Robby Pellati, Antonio Righetti, Niccolò Bossini), in the STADIUMs with both groups, the early one and the current one of Ligabue.

Organised and produced by Barley Arts and Friends & Partners, the "NAME AND SURNAME" tour/2006, starts on 7 February from Alcatraz in Milan. After the first part in the clubs (from 7 February), from the Mazdapalace in Genoa begins the one in the palasport (from 26 March), while from the Stadio del Conero in Ancona begins the one in the stadiums (from 19 May).

Pre-sales for all concerts (clubs, arenas and stadiums) start on 30 January. All tickets (single seat) cost 35,00 euro + 5,25 euro (dir.prev.)except for some tickets (numbered grandstand), in stadiums, which cost 50.00 euro + 7.50 (dir. prev.)

Tickets for concerts in PALASPORT and in the STADIUMS can be purchased already from 30 January on the website and in Ticketone sales outletsThey will also be available in the other usual sales circuits throughout Italy.

Tickets for concerts in CLUB you can buy 30 January exclusively at CLUBS (the 75% of the total) starting at 3 p.m. or on the Internet at (the 25%) starting at 9 a.m.. A limited number of tickets for a concert at the PALASPORT and STADIUM will also be available for those who purchase tickets at the CLUBS, which can be purchased without advance sales.

For public information: Barley Arts (02.76113055, and Friends & Partners (02.4805731,

These are the dates:


7 February: Milan - Alcatraz
8 February: Nonantola (Mo) - Vox Club
12 February: Cesena - Vidia Club
13 February: Senigallia (An) - Mamamia
15 February: Florence - Flog
17 February: Orzinuovi (Bs) - Buddha Cafe
19 February: Cortemaggiore (Pc) - Fillmore

Sports hall

26 March: Genoa - Mazda Palace
30 March: Caserta - Palamaggiò
3 April: Perugia - Palaevangelisti
6 April: Pesaro - BPA Palas
8 April: Treviglio (Bg) - Palasport
11 April: Turin - Mazdapalace


19 May: Ancona - Conero Stadium
23 May: Udine - Friuli Stadium
27 May: Milan - Meazza Stadium
31 May: Florence - Artemio Franchi Stadium
3 June: Rome - Olympic Stadium
8 June: Bologna - Dall'Ara Stadium
14 July: Padua - Euganeo Stadium
18 July: Salerno - Arechi Stadium
22 July: Sicily -
27 July: Cagliari - Fair
30 July: Sassari - Sanna Stadium
3 August: Apulia -
6 August: Pescara - Stadio Adriatico

N.B.For those who buy tickets at the club box office, there will also be a limited number of tickets available for the concert at the Palasport and for the concert at the Stadium, which will be sold without presale and subject to availability.

The CLUB - PALASPORT - STADIUM pairings are as follows:

MILAN, Alcatraz - Palasport Treviglio (Bg) - Meazza Stadium Milan
NONANTOLA (MO), Vox Club - Bpa Palas Pesaro - Stadio Dall'Ara Bologna
FLORENCE, Flog - Palaevangelisti Perugia - Artemio Franchi Stadium Florence
CORTEMAGGIORE (PC), Fillmore - Mazda Palace Genoa - Meazza Stadium Milan
CESENA, Vidia Club - Palaevangelisti Perugia - Dall'Ara Stadium Bologna
ORZINUOVI (BS), Buddha Café - Palasport Treviglio (Bg)- Euganeo Stadium Padua
SENIGALLIA (AN), Mamamia - BPA Palas Pesaro - Conero Stadium Ancona