LOREENA MCKENNITT, SOLD OUT the concert on Tuesday 28 March at the Teatro della Luna in Assago (MI)!

Loreena McKennittthe undisputed queen of Celtic music, is set to return to major Italian cities with her evocative trio performance. She is officially Tuesday 28 March date at Teatro della Luna in Assago (MI) SOLD OUTtickets for this concert are no longer available! Instead, you can buy on the official circuit Ticketone tickets for the other stages of the tour in Italy: Thursday 23 March at the Teatro Politeama Rossetti in Trieste, Friday 24 March at the Gran Teatro Geox in Padua, Sunday 26 March at the Sala Santa Cecilia of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and Monday 27 March at the Teatro Obihall in Florence.

The performance of Loreena McKennittThe critically acclaimed album tells the story of the music and stories that inspired the artist on his exotic journeys in search of Celtic traditions, from China and Mongolia to Turkey and Ireland. It is enriched by the combination of Yeats's mystical poetry and the work of classical authors such as Shakespeare and Tennyson and includes material from his Troubadours on the Rhine, which earned her a Grammy nomination in 2012. Together with Loreena McKennitt On stage will be two of his longest-standing collaborators, guitarist Brian Hughes and the cellist Caroline Lavelle. This trio performance has a much more intimate character than her previous performances with her band and is interwoven with personal and inspirational stories that go straight to the heart of the audience.

"It's hard to believe that it's been five years since we last came to Europe, and that's a really long time for us - it's a very long time. says Loreena McKennitt - We have always loved performances abroad, especially in spring. I'm personally looking forward to sharing this trio performance with the audience and particularly its inherent intimacy. And, of course, it's always a pleasure to meet new people and reconnect with those we've met on previous tours."

The eclectic mix of Celtic, pop, folk and world music by Loreena McKennitt has won over critics and audiences and, with over 14 million albums sold worldwide, has gone gold, platinum and multi-platinum in 15 countries on four continents. Ms. McKennitt has been nominated twice at the Grammy Awards and won two Juno and the lifetime achievement award of the Billboard International. She has performed in the most coveted venues, from Carnegie Hall to the famous Ahambra Palace in Granada, Spain, to performances for Queen Elizabeth II and various heads of state. It is not just music for Loreena McKennitt, who has been a spokesperson for numerous philanthropic initiatives, including The Cook-Rees Memorial Fund for Water Search and Safety, Falstaff Family Centre, Honorary Colonel of the Royal Canadian Air Force. In 2004 she was appointed Member of the Order of Canada and in 2013 Knight of the National Order of Arts and Letters of the French Republic.









Thursday 23 March 2017

Trieste, Politeama Rossetti - largo Giorgio Gaber, 1

Stalls A/B: € 52,00 + prev.

Plateau C: € 45,00 + prev.

I Gallery: € 40,00 + prev.

II Gallery: € 35,00 + prev.

Limited visibility gallery: 25,00 + prev.


Friday 24 March 2017

Padua, Gran Teatro Geox - via Tassinari, 1

I Platea: € 50,00 + prev.

2nd stalls: € 40,00 + prev.

I Armchair: € 35,00 + prev.

II Armchair: € 30,00 + prev.


Sunday 26 March 2017

Rome, Auditorium Parco della Musica / Sala Santa Cecilia - via Pietro de Coubertin, 30

Plateau A: € 55,00 + prev.

Plateau B: € 55,00 + prev.

I Gallery: € 50,00 + prev.

II Gallery: € 40,00 + prev.

Gallery 7: € 30,00 + prev.


Monday 27 March 2017

Florence, Obihall Theatre - via Fabrizio De Andrè

Sector I: € 55.00 + prev.

Sector II: € 45.00 + prev.

Sector III: € 35,00 + prev.

Low visibility: 25,00 + prev.


Tuesday 28 March 2017 - SOLD OUT!!!

Assago (MI), Teatro della Luna - via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 6

Poltronissima blu: € 55,00 + prev.

Poltronissima: € 50,00 + prev.

Armchair: € 45,00 + prev.

Second seat: € 35,00 + prev.