Marianne Faithfullone of the most original songwriters and performers of English music, celebrates 50 years of her career with a world tour that will bring her to Italy 27 October at the Milan Auditorium.

That of Marianne Faithfull is a name that needs no introduction. Born in Hampstead in 1946, she began her career as the queen of swinging London with the song 'As Tears Go By"first song composed together by Mick Jagger e Keith Richards. Her musical career in the Sixties proceeded in parallel with her film career (with the film 'Girl on a motorbike') and theatre career (with Chekhov's 'The Three Sisters' and 'Hamlet'). After a break from the late 1960s to the second half of the 1970s, Marianne returned to the scene in 1979 with "Broken English", proving to be in step with the new trends of the emerging new wave. After the subsequent "Dangerous Acquaintances" (1981) e "A child's adventure" (1983), Marianne Faithfull published in 1987 'Strange Weather"a collection of pop and blues classics reinterpreted by her.

Marianne takes on new directions with "Secret Life"1995', written with the collaboration of the Italian composer Angelo Badalamenti, and with the reinterpretation of the play "The seven deadly sins"of Kurt Weill e Bertolt Brecht (1998). The artist returned to more mainstream tracks by releasing one of his most popular albums in 1999, 'Vagabond Ways", while, with the new millennium, she entered a phase of renewed creative vigour in her acting career with the films "Intimacy" (2001), "Marie Antoinette"(2006), and, thanks to the starring role in the acclaimed "Irina Palm"(2006), obtained a nomination at the European Film Academy.

The 2000s saw Marianne engaged on the rock music front with two albums released in collaboration with other artists, "Kissin' Time"of 2002 (with the participation, among others, of Billy Corgan, Beck, i Pulp and the Blur), e "Before The Poison"of 2004 (with guests PJ Harvey, Nick Cave e Damon Albarn). Marianne returned to the theatre in 2004 with "The Black Rider"a Faustian musical written by long-standing friends Tom Waits e William Burroughs.

The latest album by Marianne Faithfull è "Horses and High Heels"released in 2011. The album contains reinterpretations of songs from the 1960s and seven previously unreleased tracks.



Monday 27 October- Milan, Auditorium

Doors open at 20.00 - Concerts start at 21.00

Ticket prices:

1st sector stalls: € 50.00 + p.p.

2nd sector stalls: € 42.00 + p.p.

Gallery and boxes: € 35.00 + p.p.

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