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Mariella Nava
Mariella Nava was born in Taranto on 3 February 1960. From an early age, she felt she wanted to make music her life. At the age of seven, she began classical piano studies. She signed her first record contract in 1987, took part in the Sanremo Festival that year with the song Fai Piano, and released her first album PER PAURA O PER AMORE, which immediately attracted great interest from critics for its ability to deal with social issues with great poetry and elegance. She was awarded the Best First Work prize at the Club Tenco. From then on, Mariella Nava's career has been full of episodes of great satisfaction, but also characterised by a form of innate discretion and elegance, which do not always help her to remain in the spotlight. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of her artistic career, studded with successes as a performer but also as an author for the greatest voices of our music, Mariella Nava's new album of unreleased songs, 'Dentro una rosa' (Nar International/Edel), was released on Friday 20 April. With this album (which is also special in terms of its packaging - opening it, in fact, releases a special rose essence), Mariella Nava returns to the music scene after a brief moment of personal crisis and departure from the artistic world. Among the album's thirteen tracks, two songs stand out, such as 'Fade out', which deals with the theme of euthanasia, and the first single (on the radio from 30 March) 'Dentro una rosa', which tells of a Middle Eastern girl confronted by her father and certain traditions from which she has to distance herself in order to write her own destiny.

Daniele Groff
An Italian indie/pop songwriter, he has always carried a 'British' soul within his compositions. Daniele experienced success already on his debut. With his debut single DAISY, he won the '98 edition of 'SANREMO FAMOSI'. VARIATIO 22, the first album, offers, in addition to DAISY, 4 other successful singles: IO SONO IO, LAMERICA (song chosen by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for the AIDS prevention campaign in '99), ADESSO (5th place Sanremo 1999) and EVERYDAY (chosen by Leonardo Pieraccioni for the soundtrack of the film "Il pesce innamorato"). The album with its five singles sold more than 100,000 copies. The year 2000 is the year of the release of the second album BIT, with artistic production by Groff and Francesco Valente carried out between Los Angeles and Rome and with string arrangements by Wil Malone (already with Madonna, Richard Ashcroft, Skunk Anansie, Trevor Horn, Massive Attack, Ub40). MI ACCORDO, Groff's third album, contains 11 tracks, five of which are in English, and boasts the presence of Renato Zero, who not only signed (with Vincenzo Incenzo) the lyrics of 'Pensa a te', but also joins Daniele in performing the song. Now two years later, Daniele Groff is finishing work on his fourth studio album, which features the extraordinary participation of the Fools Garden (the band behind the worldwide success 'Lemon Tree' with over 6 million copies sold) and their guitarist producer Volker Hinkel. The single anticipating the album (to be released next autumn) is the song Prendimi, which Fiorello, a big fan of Groff's new project, has been premiering daily during Viva radio2 since 12 April 2007.

As a child of art, Jasmine (real name Federica Rotolo) was immersed in a very stimulating and non-conformist environment from the earliest moments of her life. Her musical taste already took shape in those years thanks to the many black music records that her mother Stefania brought her as a gift from her frequent trips to the States. Soon her passion for singing exploded and her desire to grow took her away from Italy for a few years. On her return, many noticed her talent and Jasmine began a series of particularly stimulating experiences, mainly in the hip hop field: the Sottotono, impressed by her confidence on stage, her way of moving and her particular and unmistakable timbre, rough but at the same time sweet and persuasive, absolutely wanted her by their side as lead vocalist for studio recordings, live performances, and all television appearances, during the period of their greatest commercial success. Between tours and appearances at Festivalbar, she opened concerts for international stars such as Coolio and De La Soul, until Renato Zero offered her the opportunity to break out of the hip hop niche and try her hand at pop: already in 2004 Jasmine took part in Zero's tour "Figli del Sogno", repeated in 2006, this time duetting alongside Zero in the performance of "Nell'angolo" and "Dammi". On 14 July 2006, Jasmine's first single "Dammi" featuring Fish was released (because the beginning with Sottotono is always in her heart), followed by "Eurorentola", a song that received wide acclaim on all radio stations. At Sanremo 2007, Jasmine presented the song "La vita subito", taken from her first album, produced by Renato Zero, "Salutami Jasmine" released on 2 March 2007.

Davide Scudieri
Davide Scudieri was born in Pescara. His childhood was spent mainly between the piano and the beach. After high school, he started out as a pianist with a jazz background, playing in several European capitals (France, Spain, England). He is a singer-songwriter, but has also composed for other artists including Anna Oxa and Renato Zero. He is a graduate student in history and philosophy. He does not have a driving licence but loves climbing trees and riding his moped. His favourite words are: it depends, I don't know and maybe.

Antonio Toni
A young singer-songwriter with an innate talent, Antonio Toni was born in Novafeltria (PU) on 11/05/1983, and began studying piano at the age of 10. At the age of 14, he founded his first band (Frail Limb Nursery), in which he played both singer and songwriter. He performed on several Italian stages, including the TIM Tour 2004. After recording a demo of 4 tracks (piano and vocals), he was noticed by the staff of Opera Prima, a music production company based between Rimini and Rome, who decided to work on a musical project involving the recording of an album and live performances. In May/June 2007, the first big opportunity: he opened Renato Zero's concerts.

Modern sounds and extensive use of samplers: Miòdio, a San Marino band formed in 2003, make sound impact and sharp lyrics their strong point. Post-electronic contaminations and constant sound research are the characteristics of the fresh electronic pop proposal of the band formed by Nicola Della Valle (vocals), Francesco Sancisi (keyboards), Polly (bass and programming) and Paolo Macina (guitar). Already strong from several live experiences, for which a drummer is added to the basic line-up, MIODIO demonstrate a unmistakable team spirit and ability to stay on stage. In their short career, they have already had some significant experiences, including winning the 2006 Festival Delle Arti in Bologna (directed by Andrea Mingardi) for best original song with their first single IT'S OK.