MIKA immediately sold-out at FABRIQUE. New announcements soon !

It only took 10 minutes of pre-sales to be recorded this morning, sold out at Milan's Fabrique for MIKA's concert on 10 June. The special event, produced and organised by Barley Artswill be an opportunity to celebrate his long-awaited, new album, the release date of which will be announced soon.

E New Italian concerts will also be announced soon for the international pop star, whose return live in our country is increasingly eagerly awaited.

This week a new song by Mika, entitled 'Talk About You' has been released internationally as a taste of the new album. For Italian media and fans, the first date will be at the end of April, with the release of the official single 'Good Guys", premiered by Mika himself at the final of X Factor 2014. In the meantime, there will be several surprises leading up to Mika's long-awaited fourth studio album, whose title and release date will soon be announced by Universal Music.