"Over the years, I have built a path made up of small steps and immeasurable gratifications; trying to dodge the pitfalls and seasonal exaltations that my job offers on a daily basis. But I believe I am privileged and that certain privileges should be shared. I have always had at my side a team of faithful squires who are my musicians. Finally, I will soon be able to introduce them to those who have chosen to follow me through my songs.
And I know I am not mistaken when I say that those who come to see us will witness, even before a good concert, a show of authentic and contagious alliance.           
(Niccolò Agliardi)


Finally the tour! After the release of the album "Not everything is worth" which earned him the 'Premio Lunezia Elite 2011', Niccolò Agliardi now presents his songs live, accompanied by a five-piece band, the musician-friends with whom the Milanese artist adds another piece to his varied expressive mosaic. It will be the stage of the Blue Note in Milan to host the first of four exclusive concerts, produced by Barley Arts, on 9 October. The next dates are 20 October at Teatro Le Serre in Grugliasco (Turin), 21 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and Saturday 22 at 'Galleria 19' in Naples.


In addition, On Saturday 10 September, Niccolò Agliardi will be the guest speaker at the event 'Al centro della vita', one of the many initiatives of the National Eucharistic Congress in Ancona (live on Rai1)on the occasion of which he will perform the song '.I miss him by a mile"first single from his latest album "Not Worth Everything(produced and distributed by Carosello Records).


'Not Worth Everything' (produced by Max Elli and Simone Bertolotti) contains 11 tracks among them the second single 'Something Close To Love' sung with Patrizia Laquidara (released at the end of July accompanied by an intense video made by performer Paolo Carta and produced by Cromazoo), the duet with Elisa 'More Music And Less Text' and the reading "The Last Day of Winter"dedicated to the city of Milan.


In January, for the second year running, Niccolò Agliardi was one of the protagonists of the play 'Obstinate and Contrary', a tribute to the poetics of Fabrizio De Andrè. In spring 2010 in Los Angeles, during the award ceremony of the Ascap Latin music Awards (the Music Oscars for authors in North America) collected, on behalf of Laura Pausini, Paolo Carta and himself, the award for the Spanish version of the song "Not at all", awarded in the category "Best Pop-Ballad". This was another great achievement for Niccolò, who in the space of a few years managed to find space among the best Italian authors both thanks to his record "From Home To Home' released by Carosello Records in January 2008, as well as numerous collaborations. Agliardi is also the author together with  Alessandro Cattelan of the novel "But life is something else" (Oscar Mondadori best seller). On 28 May, at the Arena in Verona, as part of the Wind Music Awards, collected the award of the Confindustria Cultura Italia record industry associations FIMI, PMI and AFI, also for the disc 'Not Worth Everything'. From October Niccolo' Agliardi is back on stage, in this case with the band, but especially with  his songs and his voice, and that certainly counts.


Sunday 9 October - MILAN, BLUE NOTE Admission: 18 euros in advance, 23 euros on the evening of the concert

Thursday 20 October - GRUGLIASCO (TO), THEATRE LE SERREAdmission Single seat: 15 euro

Friday 21 October - ROME, AUDITORIUM PARCO DELLA MUSICA, Studio TheatreAdmission Single seat: 15 euro

Saturday 22 October - NAPLES, GALLERIA 19  – Entrance with drink 10 euro


On stage:                                                                                          

Niccolo' Agliardi: voice                                    Andrea Torresani: Low                                    Max Elli: guitars

Tommaso Ruggeri: Battery                  Giacomo Ruggeri: Guitars                  Francesco Lazzari: Piano-Rhodes.