NICCOLÒ FABI, Bari and Senigallia are also SOLD OUT!

Fresh from the success of his first European tour, NICCOLÒ FABI returns live to theatres throughout Italy with "A sum of small things" tours. Thus continues from tomorrow, Wednesday 7 December, at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine the journey begun in May 2016 that sees the Roman singer-songwriter bring his latest record, winner of the TARGA TENCO 2016, live in Italian theatres. The dates in Senigallia, Bari and Forlì are already SOLD OUT...there are still a few tickets available for all the other scheduled dates of the tour.

Meanwhile, the video of 'Evaporate' recorded during the European tour, which saw Niccolò Fabi accompanied on stage by Alberto Bianco and Filippo Cornaglia. The live video is online at YouTube.

These are all the dates of the theatre tour in Italyorganised and produced by Barley Arts and Ovest, in which Niccolò Fabi will perform live songs from his latest album 'Una somma di piccole cose' and his greatest hits:

07 DECEMBER in UDINE (Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine)

08 DECEMBER in SCHIO - Vicenza (Astra Theatre)

09 DECEMBER in BELLUNO (Municipal Theatre)

17 DECEMBER in SENIGALLIA - Ancona (La Fenice Theatre) - SOLD OUT

18 DECEMBER in SULMONA - L'Aquila (Maria Caniglia Theatre)

22 DECEMBER in FROSINONE (Nestor Theatre)

26 DECEMBER in APRILIA - Latina (Teatro Europa)

27 DECEMBER in BARI (Petruzzelli Theatre) - SOLD OUT

28 DECEMBER in COSENZA (Rendano Theatre)

20 JANUARY in MESTRE (Corso Theatre)

21 JANUARY in FORLÌ (Fabbri Theatre) - SOLD OUT

28 JANUARY in CREMONA (Ponchielli Theatre)

29 JANUARY in PARMA (Regio Theatre)

03 FEBRUARY in BERGAMO (Creberg Theatre)

04 FEBRUARY in LA SPEZIA (Civic Theatre)

08 FEBRUARY in AOSTA (Splendor Theatre)

10 FEBRUARY in CAGLIARI (Conservatory Auditorium)

11 FEBRUARY in SASSARI (Municipal Theatre)

15 FEBRUARY in GENOA (Politeama Theatre)

16 FEBRUARY in BIELLA (Odeon Theatre)


25 FEBRUARY in POTENZA (Don Bosco Theatre)

27 FEBRUARY in CATANIA (Metropolitan Theatre).


In addition, the Roman singer-songwriter will perform live in Germany on 16 June 2017 in the city of RÜSSELSHEIM AM MAIN, as a guest of the annual 'HESSENTAG"one of the oldest and most important festivals in Germany.