'NAME AND SURNAME' is the title of the long-awaited seventh unreleased album by LUCIANO LIGABUE, to be released on 16 September by Warner Music Italy. Preceded by the first single 'THE DAY OF DAYS"on all radios from 2 September, the album (produced by Fabrizio Barbacci and Luca Pernici with Ligabue's supervision) marks the Emilian rocker's return to the recording scene three and a half years after the release of 'Fuori come va?

Between the radio broadcast of the single (along with the television broadcast of its video) and the release of the album, Ligabue will hold his only big concert in 2005. The event will take place on 10 September at Campovolo in Reggio Emilia (tickets are on sale at, at the usual presale outlets and in the over 500 sales outlets of the Green Ticket, Amit, Unicredit and Box Office circuits; at the price of 30 euros + prev. dir.: all information can be found at

Signed by Barley Arts and Friends&Partners, in agreement with Riservarossa, Ligabue's concert at Campovolo promises to be a real event in terms of organisation and musical production. The show, in fact, has been conceived and designed for a single performance with a stage structure never before used by any artist in the world.
For a concert of this magnitude, the dimensions can only be exceptional. Starting with the stages, where Ligabue will retrace the 15 successful years of his musical career, which will be no less than four (connected by 95-metre-long catwalks) and will enclose the area (150,000 square metres) where the audience will gather.
On Main Stage (80 metres long) Ligabue will play with his current band (La Banda), on the Vintage Stage (60 metres long) will play with his first band (I Clandestino), on the Theatre Stage (14 metres long) will play a 'Giro d'Italia' version (as in the successful theatre tour of the same name), accompanied by Mauro Pagani, and on the Solo Stage (14 metres long) Ligabue will perform vocals and guitar.
For a total sound and visual envelopment of the audience, in addition to the positioning of the 4 stages, 8/10 large screens will be placed in the concert area and the sound system will cover the entire area. Other numbers: 7 delay towers, more than 1,000 lighting fixtures and more than 300 audio speakers, more than 7,000 kw needed to power the lighting system and more than 500 kw needed to power the sound system. The impressiveness of the event requires the employment of more than 1,500 people including technicians (audio, lighting, video, stage, electricians), set designers, security, medical service, catering and various personnel (stage assembly/disassembly, technical assistance, logistical production) and others.