After "NE' BUONI NE' CATTIVI" (2000) and "UDS L'UOMO DELLA STRADA" (2002), PIERO PELU''s third album is entitled "SOGGETTI SMARRITI" and will be released on 30 April (on Warner Music's Wea Records label).

The album will be preceded by the release of the first single, "Take me like this"on all radio stations from 9 April and on sale from 23 April.

With a look more towards his inner world and interpersonal relationships, in the making of "SOGGETTI SMARRITI" Piero found the Pelù that everyone knows, the one who is gritty and sweet at the same time, who naturally combines rock power and melodies.

The album is also rooted in Litfiba's history, so much so that Piero included in "SOGGETTI SMARRITI" a song taken from "17 RE", the epic Litfiba album, totally re-arranged.

"SOGGETTI SMARRITI" is the result of three ingredients that give an idea of the work created and developed by Pelù: his voice, lashing melodies and great guitars.

Produced by the Tuscan artist, with a collaborator, in the mixing of the tracks, of the rank of Tim Palmer (U2, Ozzy Osbourne, Tears For Fears...), "SOGGETTI SMARRITI" will mark an important stage in the history of Piero Pelù's solo career.

Piero Pelù's new tour, organised by Barley Arts, will start at the beginning of July.