Thursday 2 September in Verona, the last date for '20 years of songs on tour', which has taken RAF to various regions of Italy this summer 2004. But surprises are in store: in fact the evocative setting of the ROMAN THEATRE in VERONA will be the ideal link to announce rich novelties for the winter, for this artist who never spares himself, as 20 uninterrupted years of success prove.

The name chosen for the tour, which started following the release of 'Ouch"(Warner), the latest record, anticipated by a single as elegant and touching as In All My Daysis anything but coincidental. Exactly 20 years have passed since the publication of 'Self Control', the first single and the first in a long series of successes by the artist from Foggia, who in 1984 secured top spot in the charts all over the world (including the United States, where Laura Branigan's English version reached No. 1 in the Billboard hit parade). From then until now, the constant in RAF's music has been that of maturing artistically and at the same time being able to compose songs that inevitably climb the charts, a combination of elements that is decidedly rare.

With this 20 ANNI DI CANZONI IN TOUR, which started on 29 June from Naples and will conclude a summer of great satisfaction with a sold-out show in Verona, RAF retraces the two decades of his career, highlighting the most significant moments through a thrilling setlist, which makes clear the number of songs from the 'history of Italian music' written by RAF over the years.

The concert - fast paced and classy arrangements - alternates between more intimate moments of songs such as Gente di Mare, Inevitabile Follia, Il Senso delle Cose, Due, to the more upbeat, between dance and pop/rock, of Superstiti (the next single), You Are the Most Beautiful in the World, The Rain Dance, Infinity, I Demand You, Animal Beat and many others, without really forgetting anything that Raf's fans are hoping to hear.

Accompanying Raf on stage are Alfredo Golino (drums), Simone Papi (keyboards), Massimo Ghidelli (guitar), Giorgio Baldi (guitar), Cesare Chiodo (bass), Stefania Calandra (guitar and backing vocals).

Start at 21.00
Admission 25 euro+ prev
Info: Events Verona 045.595216