After leaving the audience in Milan's Auditorium speechless at the impressive performance last March, The Crimson ProjeKCta supergroup that includes three members of the historic line-up of the King Crimson, returns to enchant progressive rock fans for a summer date 14 July in Grugliasco (TO) at Gru Village.


Bringing the project to life The Crimson ProjeKCt were the singer and guitarist Adrian Belew and the bassist Tony Levinwho joined the King Crimson in 1981, and Pat Mastelottothe band's drummer since 1994.

A Belew, Levin e Mastelotto are added for The Crimson ProjeKCt three collaborators and first-class musicians: Markus Reuter on touch guitar, the drummer Tobias Ralph e Julie Slicka young pupil of Paul Green's School of Rock, on bass. The line-up of double trio that had marked the last phase of the career of the King Crimson from the mid-1990s onwards.


The show is divided into three separate sets:


          First part

Stick Men Trio (Tony Levin / Pat Mastelotto / Markus Reuter)

The line-up explores all the possibilities of the Chapman Stick, a twelve-string instrument used both as a bass and as a guitar.


          Part two

Adrian Belew Power Trio (Adrian Belew / Tobias Ralph / Julie Slick)

The trio formed in 2006 from the meeting of Adrian Belew with brothers Eric e Julie Slickboth students of the Paul Green's School of Rock. Since 2010, the drummer Tobias Ralph replaces Eric Slick.


          Part three

The Crimson ProjeKCt (A. Belew / T. Levin / P. Mastelotto / M. Reuter / Tobias Ralph / Julie Slick)

The six musicians together on stage perform pieces from the King Crimson's repertoire from 1981 to the mid-1990s. The parts of Robert Fripp are carried out by Markus Reuterwho learned about them first-hand from Fripp during the Guitar Crafts he held between '91 and '98.


The Crimson ProjeKCt

Monday 14 July 2014 - Grugliasco (TO), Gru Village


1st sector: € 30,00 + p.p. - 2nd sector: € 25,00 + p.p.

Additional standing places: € 20,00 + d.p.

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