THE CYBORGS, three new dates confirmed for the duo!

The tireless duo from the future announces three new dates on the peninsula!

Friday 16 February - CANTU (CO), At around One-Thirty-Five

Saturday 17 February - ALBIZZATE (VA), The Family

Tuesday 1 May - NOTARESCO (TE), OpperFirstMay

The Cyborgs' career is growing steadily: from the historic opening of the Wrecking Ball Tour of Bruce Springsteen in Rome to the concerts of Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Deep Purple, John Mayall, Jeff Beck, Eric Sardinas and Johnny Winter, Bob Log III, to participation in major festivals such as Eurosonic and Bestival. The two have conquered Italian, European (Belgium, Holland, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg) and Canadian (Quebec City, Montreal and Rouyn) stages indiscriminately since their eponymous debut album in 2011.

Two years later comes 'Electric Chair'which sees the Cyborgs engaged in a rediscovery of 70s blues rock. This will be followed in 2014 by the release of three exclusive 45s anticipating the tracks featured in the latest work 'Extreme Boogie' (INRI). The duo decided to stay true to their sound without giving up on experimentation, expanding the range of instruments used and drastically changing the way they live and manage the stage. It is still Cyborg-0 who spreads the word with his voice, his guitar and the ever-present footwork, while Cyborg-1 steps up his game: he continues to handle the rhythmic part of the bass and drums, pulls on a strange three-string guitar, unleashes two new washboards and strange electronic contraptions on his feet, as well as synths and piano, creating a full-bodied sound and acrobatic performance techniques beyond the reach of any human being.

As of the human year 2018, the Cyborgs continue their journey by undergoing a mutation. Cyborg-0 Indeed, he has been forced back into the future, and in his place a new humanoid equipped with a guitar and programmed to play the Blues has already been sent. His name is Cyborg-0X.

The journey continues, because the Blues don't stop.