Over a thousand people flocked to the Rolling Stone in Milan for the only Italian date of the Dresden Dollslast Thursday. The Detroit duo's fans fully embraced their attitude, turning up in large numbers with make-up on their faces and bowler hats on their heads, testifying to how popular the Dresden Dolls are in our parts. We start with a living puppet show, as evocative as it is disturbing. Then it's the turn of Thomas Truax, good at warming up the crowd.
The Dresden Dolls are in great form and immediately establish a good feeling with the Italian audience. As was to be expected, they alternate between songs from their latest album "Yes, Virginia..." and the successful debut two years ago. One has the feeling that the Dolls have in a few years earned the reputation of a cult band, hailed by their followers. All the songs on offer are followed by a general ovation, not only the most famous ones Coin Operated Boy o (in which Brian delivers a fine drum solo).
Girl A has the task of closing the dances before the two encores (Onlywith Amanda alone on stage, and the energetic 'Good Day') to the delight of the many present.

Here is the setlist for the concert:
DRESDEN DOLLS - 1/6/2006 - Milan
Sex Changes
Missed Me
Modern Moonlight
Coin Operated Boy
First Orgasm
Bad Habit
Mrs O
Half Jack

Good Day