The eternal kid from Boston, the naive singer-songwriter of American rock and roll, the leader of the Modern Lovers of the 1970s, returns to Italy, after an absence of two years, for a tour that will take him to six cities in our country: the 9 March 2012 in Florencethe 10 March in Naples, l'11 March in Rome and then continue the 13 in Marostica (VI)the 14 in Trieste and the 15 March in Modena.

A tour to reintroduce and commemorate the more than 30-year career of Jonathan Richman - first leading the Modern Lovers, then lead singer and solo musician - who to date has no less than 35 studio albums, the last one released last year ('O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth").

Remembered as the storyteller of "Crazy for Mary"Jonathan Richman made his debut in the early 1970s as singer and guitarist in Modern Lovers, a band that anticipated American proto-punk and was a reference point for many musicians of the time, including David Bowie. In 1976, when the band broke up and the original underground vein was lost - despite its enormous success - Jonathan Richman pursued his career as a soloist, returning to the origins of rock and roll and towards more stripped-down and natural sounds, from country music to garage, from power ballads to Latin melodies sung in Spanish.

His music is often described as jovial, Spartan folk with a satirical and caricatured vein. Richman's works, not surprisingly, tell teenage stories and misadventures, sometimes autobiographical, that are distinguished by their simplicity and humour. Narrative gags, nostalgic folk ballads, teenage doo-wap novelty, urban and jovial folklore... all wrapped up in minimal melodies and acoustic rock, almost spoken, whispered to create around the listening audience the right sensibility needed to appreciate his songs: these are the ingredients of Jonathan Richman's worldwide success.

Details of Italian dates:

Friday 9 March 2012 - Florence - Sala Vanni (Piazza del Carmine 14)

Saturday 10 March 2012 - Naples - Galleria 19 (Via San Sebastiano 18/19)

Sunday 11 March 2012 - Rome - Coffee Pot (Via della Lega Lombarda 52/A)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 - Marostica (VI) - Panic Jazz Club (Piazza degli Scacchi)

Wednesday 14 March 2012 - Trieste - Etno Blog (Riva Traiana)

Thursday 15 March 2012 - Modena - Off (Via Morandi 71)http://www.mailticket.it/index.php/it/categorie/details/696-jonathan-richman_1c12.html (to purchase tickets online without pre-sale costs)


Tickets for the concert, organised by Barley Artswill be on sale on the website Ticketone.co.uk and related outlets.