Their brutal sound expanded the boundaries of extreme metal in the early 1990s. I Suffocation are rightly considered one of the most seminal bands of the period. A new scene was born in the United States that made technique and speed a true credo.
Albums such as 'Breeding the Spawn' (1993) and 'Pierced from within' (1995) have traced the coordinates of a genre, technical death metal, that can still count on a large number of fans today.

Le three dates in Italy planned for May 2007 come after the release of the self-titled album (2006), the seventh chapter of their discography, the second in the studio since the 2002 reunion. Indeed, the career of the band from New York can be divided into two periods: the first from the 1991 debut until the break-up in 1996, in which four albums were released; the second from 2002 to the present, a comeback in style marked by the album 'Souls to deny' (2004)which was very well received by the band's fans.

Linking the two different phases is the constant presence of the two founders in the formation, Frank Mullen (vocals) and Terence Hobbs (guitar), as well as original drummer Mike Smith, who recently returned to the line-up. Joining them are Guy Marchais (guitar) and Derek Boyer (bass).

As evidence of the band's excellent creative phase, their latest video 'Abomination Reborn' was among the most broadcasts last season by MTV's popular hard rock programme 'HeadBanger's Ball'bringing the combo once again into the elite of world extreme music.

FRIDAY 18 MAY - PALERMO - OFFICINE BIER GARTEN Entrance 15€ - Info: Tel. 091.525631

SATURDAY 19 MAY - GUALTIERI (RE) - TEMPO ROCK Entrance fee € 11 - Info: [email protected]

SUNDAY 20 MAY - TURIN - SPAZIO 211 Entrance 15€ - Info: [email protected]

Concerts start at 21.00
Tickets available in traditional pre-sales outlets.