For a few days now, the Barley is assailed by messages... messages of enthusiasm and thanks, messages dedicated to us but especially to a mysterious female character whose name we only know: Loredana.

"It was with great enthusiasm that I greeted the news of the tour with a promoter as entrusted as Barley Arts. When will the dates be known? A big hello and congratulations again on having 'grabbed' (in a good way of course) a star like Loredana!"

"I read about the tour you are organising, I hope you will come to Sicily... so I can enjoy the Rockwoman finally in concert! I recommend you to be patient, because even if she is capricious, she is almost always right!!! .... and then she is DIVA..."

"I wanted to congratulate you for believing in made the right choice, we will crowd the squares and the theatres where lory will perform, there are many of us who want her on stage and we have been waiting for her for years..thank you very much for giving us this gift. I'd like to know more about the tour dates...if possible. p.s. i'm the guy who talks on her answering machine in her last album..she's great!!! thanks again and have a good work."

"I won't waste your time with absurd requests (who knows how many requests to meet with her will have come to you already), just please make the tour dates known as soon as possible... "

And so many many others...