Nneka, a hip/hop-soul artist of German-Nigerian origin, after the release of her latest album scheduled for October, will embark on an international tour that will see her perform at Milan's Salumeria della Musica on 4 December 2011.

Nneka Egbuna, born in Nigeria to a Nigerian father and a German mother, is well acquainted with the differences between the Western and non-Western worlds. She lived in Africa until the age of 18, just long enough to consolidate within herself all the musical and cultural traits of her country. She took up singing at a very young age thanks to attending masses sung in her parish, and when she moved to Germany in 1999, she embarked on a singing career thanks to her collaboration with DJ Farhot, a well-known producer from Hamburg. "The cultural differences between Germany and Nigeria are extreme," Nneka confesses. "What is important for people here, has no value for me and vice versa. This is precisely what his first album 'Victim Of Truth' (2005) is about. Between hip hop and soul, it gives voice to the most submerged part of Africa. The Sunday Times listed this album as one of the 15 best albums from 2000 to 2010 and in 2009 she was awarded the UK's Music of Black Origin Awards (Award for the best music by an artist of African descent). After the release of the album, Nneka started performing at various festivals and opening for established artists such as Sean Paul and Femi Kuti, gaining public attention. In 2008, he released his second album 'No Longer At Ease', in which almost all the lyrics focus on politics and the living conditions of Nigerians. His third album 'Concrete Jungle', released in 2010, is a collection of the best tracks from his previous works. Nneka, a true champion of her people, described by the British newspaper The Times as 'One of the best soul singers to have emerged in recent times', will be out on 20 September 2011 with her new album 'Soul Of Heavy', a combination of hip hop, reggae and typically African sounds, which will have as its main themes love for her land, pain, politics and religion. "My music is not about me but about an entire country. In December, the Italian public will be able to get to know better that fragment of Africa that Nneka always carries with him.


Here are the details of the tour's only Italian date:
SUNDAY 4 DECEMBER 2011 - MILAN - SALUMERIA DELLA MUSICA (Single seat Euro 15.00 + prev.)


Tickets available atwww.ticketone.itand later in the usual points of sale.