WE WILL ROCK YOU will also be on stage in Aosta and Prato!

The calendar of WE WILL ROCK YOU is enriched with two stages at Aosta (24 November, Splendor Theatre) and Meadow (17 February, Teatro Politeama Pratese).

Tickets for the Aosta date are available on Webtic, while those for Prato on the Ticketone circuit.

WE WILL ROCK YOU is one of the most performed musicals in the world, written by Ben Elton together with Roger Taylor e Brian May, collected 35,000 admissions in 30 performances in the first part of the 2023 tour, will now return to Italy with new dates in major cities. A renewed group of performers is ready to once again overwhelm audiences with all the energy of the songs by Queensung in the original language and played strictly live by an exceptional band of six musicians, for over two and a half hours of entertainment. Explosive choreography, emotions, and laughter will drag the audience into the centre of the story, with the desire to jump on stage to dance along with the protagonists.

Produced for Italy by Claudio Trotta for Barley ArtsWe Will Rock You has proved to be a great success with audiences and critics, capable of renewing itself each time, thanks to the visionary and topical story it brings to the stage and a gallery of unforgettable characters. In a dystopian future, in which music has been banned because it is considered dangerous by the powers that be as a symbol of unity and sharing, a group of people, very different from each other but united by the desire to resist the forces of conformism, rebel and, struggling with frustrations and dreams, fight together to win the chance to give themselves a different life and a better future.

This is how director Michaela Berlini presents the new season of the show: "We will rock you again this year will have its usual rhythm and incisiveness thanks to the wonderful Queen songs that weave the narrative rhythm of the whole story and thanks to the incredible voices of the artists on stage who know how to move. The story told in We Will Rock You grows and evolves with the times. As in every edition I direct, this year too there will be different dialogues, new jokes, as part of the text has been revised again to make it adhere to the reality in which we live. The topics dealt with, are issues we ask ourselves about on a daily basis: the centralisation of power, control, the difference between teaching and indoctrination, homogenisation through the creation of needs, algorithms, artificial intelligence, social and how all this affects social relations. Hence, unbridled egocentrism, the fear of expressing oneself because one feels different, the fear of people's often bad and lapidary judgement, and again the fear of the future, also in relation to the state of health of the planet, but fortunately also and above all the desire to change things, the desire to escape from homologation through knowledge, the desire not to be isolated but to be together through music. Yes, because in 'We Will Rock You' the real protagonist is live music, music played with real instruments, music played together, a symbol of participation and creativity, fundamental elements from which to generate change. In this key We Will Rock You is not just a title but a promise".

Below is the complete team.

THE CAST: Alice Grasso will play the role of Scaramouche for the first time, while Paolo Barillari will return to play Khashoggi. On stage we will then meet again: Damiano Borgi, Galileo; Natascia Fonzetti, Killer Queen; Oz, Alessandra Ferrari; Brit, Mattia Braghero; Pop, Massimiliano Colonna. Narrative voice: Massimo Cotto.

THE ENSEMBLE: Claudio Cangialosi, Federico Colonnelli, Giulia Gerola, Lorenzo Longobardi, Emma Marcotulli, Monica Ruggeri, Beatrice Sartori, Davide Tagliento.

THE BANDFirst keyboard, Riccardo Di Paola; second keyboard, Antonio Torella; guitars, Roberta Raschellà e Federica Pellegrinellilow, Orazio Nicoletti; battery, Marco Parenti.

THE CREATIVE TEAM: producer, Claudio Trotta; direction and adaptation of texts, Michaela Berliniexecutive producer, Cristina Trotta; music director, Riccardo Di Paola; vocal director, Antonio Torella; choreography, Gail Richardson; set design, Colin Mayes; lighting design, Francesco Vignati; costumes, Nunzia Aceto; make-up and hair, Claudia Frigatti; sound engineer, Luca Colombo; original script translation, Raffaella Rolla.

Virgin Radio is confirmed as the official radio of the Italian tour 2024. Energizer will once again be a technical partner of the show.