WE WILL ROCK YOU finally returns to Rome! The show will be on stage at the Teatro Olimpico in December.

Following the extraordinary public and critical success of previous editions, in 2023 WE WILL ROCK YOUthe musical performance written by Ben Elton together with Roger Taylor e Brian Mayreturned to major Italian cities with a new staging and a new cast, igniting entire audiences to the rhythm of Queen's greatest hits.

The show produced for Italy by Claudio Trotta for Barley Arts and directed by Michaela Berliniis still ongoing and in light of the great demand, the production is pleased to announce new performances in 2023: the tour will finally arrive in Rome from 15 to 17 December, at Olympic Theatre.

Tickets are available from Ticketone and at the theatre box office.

"We will Rock You" thus proposes, once again, to drag the audience, amidst emotions and laughter, into an extraordinary story of love for Music and Freedom, into the tale of Hope for a better future, of the commitment and sacrifice needed to change a destiny that seems already written, of the saving power of Rock and Roll, of the importance of knowledge and real sharing, and of the right to be able to express oneself. As always, the rhythm of the narration will have as its driving force the greatest hits of the Queen, sung in original language live and played strictly live by a band of six musiciansfor more than two and a half hours of entertainment.

Thus the director Michaela Berlini describes the new adaptation to be staged in 2023: "We Will Rock You is a powerful show, always in tune with the times, for the story it brings to the stage, for its characters, for the dynamics that bind them and for the extraordinary, engaging and timeless songs of Queen. To be able to put oneself in the shoes of the characters, to explore their frustrations, their dreams and their desire to fight for a better future is simply exciting work and also a great exercise in understanding and criticising the society in which we live.".

Choreographer Gail Richardson, about this season's novelties, states: 'I am very excited about this edition of We Will Rock You. I have made some changes to the choreography that raise the energy of the danced numbers even higher, making the show even more dynamic and exciting. The new ensemble is looking forward to overwhelming you".

Riccardo Di Paola adds: "I am very happy to be the musical director by We Will Rock You. This musical tells the story of a group of rebels in a dystopian future where music has been banned. Their struggle to rediscover music and to resist the forces of conformism is a very timely theme, and I am sure the audience will immerse themselves in the events and music of this captivating show.

For Antonio Torella, vocal director of the show: "We Will Rock You returns to conquer the Italian public as it has been doing since almost 15 years. With a band and a group of performers who will literally make you jump in your seats!".

Here is the full team.

The cast: Scaramouche, Martha Rossi; Galileo, Damiano Borgi; Killer Queen, Natascia FonzettiKhashoggi, Salvo Bruno; Oz, Alessandra Ferrari; Brit, Mattia Braghero; Pop, Massimiliano Colonna. Narrator: Massimo Cotto.

The ensemble: Claudio Cangialosi, Anna Foria, Francesco Marino, Stefano Monferrini, Noemi Marta Nazzecone,Monica Ruggeri, Beatrice Sartori, Davide Tagliento.

The band: first keyboard, Riccardo Di Paola; second keyboard, Antonio Torella; guitars, Roberta Raschellà andFederica Pellegrinelli; bass, Alessandro Cassani; drums, Marco Parenti.

The creative team: producer, Claudio Trotta; direction and adaptation of texts, Michaela Berlini; executive producer, Cristina Trotta; musical director, Riccardo Di Paola; vocal director, Antonio Torella; choreography, GailRichardson; set design, Colin Mayes; lighting design, Francesco Vignati; costumes, Nunzia Aceto; make-up and make-up, Claudia Frigatti; sound engineer, Luca Colombo; original script translation, Raffaella Rolla.


TEATRO OLIMPICO, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17, 00196, ROME


15 to 17 December

Fridays and Saturdays at 21.00, Sundays at 17.30

Tickets are already available on the circuit Ticketone and at the theatre box office.


Ticket prices:

Poltronissima centrale € 50.45 + prev.

Poltronissima lateriale € 41.80 + prev.

Armchair € 33.90 + prev.

Central balcony € 33.90 + prev.

Side balcony € 25.10 + prev.