WHOLE TROTTA LOVE: live on Radio Popolare all the passions of Claudio Trotta

From tomorrow 16 Novemberevery second Wednesday, Claudio Trotta aka d-Trot will be live on Radio Popolare starting at midnight with his Whole Trotta Love, a broadcast made up of music and words that continues what he had already done in 2012, when Trotta had declined his passion for radio thanks to the new medium of the video podcast, with a series of episodes published on the channel YouTube of Panorama.co.uk.

Without any genre boundaries, drawing on his immense music archive of vinyl, CDs and mp3s, d-Trot will tell music like no one ever has, from midnight onwards, in the best tradition of cult programmes for true music lovers. Claudio's personal passions, his knowledge, a wealth of encounters, dialogues and unique moments with the greatest protagonists of contemporary music and anecdotes to draw on, Whole Trotta Love promises to be a programme not to be missed.

But Whole Trotta Love is not just music: Claudio Trotta has always been attentive to current affairs and is ready to talk about any subject, without taboos, with the help of Andrea Cegna the director and in the company of guests on the phone and in the studio. The floor will also often be given to listeners, who can intervene both by phone and on social media.

Claudio is enthusiastic about this new adventure: 'Radio is still for me now, in the age of the web, a formidable tool for expression and communication. I was born professionally in the 1970s with the free radios, in particular Channel 96the first free information radio in our country, and I have never stopped 'doing' radio in my life in all the activities I have done. Doing radio again, and at night, is for me a dream and an unspeakable joy. Expect the most varied music and words possible without boundaries or limits. d-Trot my alias, together with various friends and acquaintances, every other Wednesday on Radio Popolare from midnight until two o'clock in the morning and maybe later...'.


It will be possible to listen to the programme live on player of www.radiopopolare.it and obviously on the frequencies of Radio Popolare Milan:

107.600 Milan, Brescia, Pavia, Alessandria, Vercelli, Piacenza, Cremona, Novara, Bormio, Boario Terme (Val Cavallina), Edolo (Valcamonica), Gardone Valtrompia

91.400 Mandello Lario, Bellagio

104.700 Mantua

105.200 Sondrio

107.500 Alta Valsassina, Parma

107.700 Varese, Como, Bergamo, Morbegno, Colico, Verbania

107.800 Lecco, Collio Valtrompia, Valsassina

107.900 Ponte di Legno (Valcamonica)