Exactly one month before the next Flippaut comes out 'Why Try Harder?'the first greatest hits of Fatboy Slim. 18 tracks, 18 hits, 18 good reasons to attend the big music session that will come to life on 21 and 22 July at Idroscalo in Milan.
It is easy to imagine that the pieces contained in this collection will be the focus of his performance at Flippaut 2006.
Announcing this sensational track-list, we can only give you good news:
You won a big weekend @ Flippaut!

'Why Try Harder?' (SONY/BMG)

The Rockefeller Skank
Praise You
Brimful of Asha
Weapon of Choice
Gangster Tripping
I See You Baby
Wonderful Night
Right here, Right now
Going Out of my head
Sunset (Bird of Prey)
Everybody Loves a Carnival
Don't Let the Man Get You Down
Sho Nuff
Slash Dot Slash
Santa Cruz
Champion Sound
That Old Pair of Jeans (new Single)

FATBOY SLIM - Friday 21 July - Idroscalo - Milan

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