Their debut album "You Love The Styles"coming out next 5 October: entirely - and orgoliosly - written, recorded and produced by Styles themselves (another nice satisfaction and surprise for a band in its infancy), 'You Love The Styles' is a 'glorious' album, in the most 'brit' sense of the word, possessed by the sound and songs of a true overseas rock'n'roll band, which has in its DNA all the good things rock has disseminated over the years on the planet, from The Beatles to The Who, from Manic Street Preachers to Foo Fighters, from Led Zeppelin to The Clash, from Coldplay to The Jam. It is an album that starts off as fast as a shot and immediately impresses with the amount of energy and passion that overflows from the tracks.
From the initial and introductory 'The start', thirty-eight seconds that in the final chorus bring to mind all the glory of 'Sgt. Pepper's...' until the concluding 'NME is you'One minute and thirty-three of sonic rock'n'roll, complete with guitar riffs in pure Dave Grohl style. In between, ten absolutely powerful and fiery songs, a condensation of energy and rock'n'roll attitude, ironic lyrics that play with moods and describe situations, offering some unmissable titles ("Sex Beatles", "The music sucks", "Mr. Bean Laden", "NY wilkommen terrorist" and the aforementioned "NME is you").
'Real Gold', on the other hand, is the first single, released on 31 Agsoto, while 'Real Gold' also flies high. "+ Style"the piece written with J Ax.

Obviously, like true rock bands, the three guys from Erba will not stay away from the stages. First of all, the album presentation showcase, which will be held at the brand new Rock & Roll by Milan and then a tour starting in October that will be announced in the next few days.