Barley Arts will handle the tours of the CALIBRE 35 around the world, outside the borders of Italy. It starts on 15 January at Eurosonic in Groeningen in the Netherlands and the following day in Luxembourg!

The new album to be released in February is titled 'Ritornano quelli di... Calibro 35' and was recorded last year in Milan (mostly in the Omnia B studios of Tommaso Colliva, deus ex machina of the project, and partly at Officine Meccaniche), in various takes between January and June, interspersed with numerous live engagements both in Italy and abroad (in particular, the American tour last autumn, which saw them perform on both coasts, in prestigious clubs). The album was then mixed last December by Tommaso Colliva, again at Omnia B studios.
With this album, Calibro 35 ceases to be just a project and becomes a band in its own right, following maturation and intense activity on various fronts over the past two years. Unlike the highly successful first chapter, the new album is largely made up of original themes written by the band, although there is always the re-proposition of classics from the past, often stripped down compared to the sumptuous arrangements of the originals. The band manages to make the whole extremely powerful but homogenous, so much so that it becomes difficult to distinguish originals and historical pieces without casting an eye over the booklet.
There are five historical pieces, out of a set list of thirteen, four of which are taken from film soundtracks of the past, and they are: "Cinque Bambole per La Luna di Agosto" by Piero Umiliani (from Mario Bava's 1970 crime thriller starring William Berger, Ira von Fürstenberg, Edwige Fenech), "La Morte Accarezza Mezzanotte" by Gianni Ferrio (from the 1972 crime thriller, directed by Luciano Ercoli), "Il Consigliori" by Riz Ortolani (the film is a 1973 detective film by Alberto De Martino, starring Martin Balsam and Tomas Milian), "Milano Odia" by Ennio Morricone (a fitting tribute to the maestro Lenzi, who made this detective film in 1974, with Tomas Milian and Henry Silva), while "SweetBeat" by Stefano Torossi is a 1979 library piece.
The artwork for the cover of the new album was created by the great illustrator Giovanni Nistri, who has worked for posters of such masters as Antonioni, Fellini, De Sica, Rosi, Kurosawa, Petri, Scola, Kubrick and many others.

Calibre 35 are:
Enrico Gabrielli, woodwinds and organs (Afterhours, Vinicio Capossela) Massimo Martellotta, guitars and lap steel (Stewart Copeland, Eugenio Finardi), Fabio Rondanini, drums and percussion (Niccolò Fabi, Collettivo Angelo Mai), Luca Cavina, bass (Beatrice Antolini, Transgender) and Tommaso Colliva, production (Muse, Afterhours).