The notes of a piano, which for the first time appears in a piece of Vibrationsintroduce us into the atmosphere of the ballad '.Breath', the single that the band led by Francesco Sarcina offers us as a calling card for their new album, entitled "The roads of time"which will be published on 22 January 2010 on the Sony Music label.

An intense piece celebrating "the brilliant and divine moment', to quote the text of the song, which has life in it and is fulfilled in the space of a breath, a hymn to life and its respect.

'Le strade del tempo' marks the return of Le Vibrazioni with a new album of unreleased tracks, more than three years after 'Officine Meccaniche' released at the end of 2006.

This is the fourth unreleased album by the band that since 2003, with the previous 'Le Vibrazioni' and 'Le Vibrazioni II' (2005), has collected numerous awards and gold and platinum records.

In 2008, they released the live collection 'En vivo' on CD and DVD, which also contained the hit 'Insolita', the title track of the soundtrack of the film 'Colpo d'occhio' by Sergio Rubini, who also directed the video clip for the first time.

In five years they have collected around 500 concerts, and in 2010 the group is preparing to celebrate their tenth anniversary of live activity.

From March 2010 they will be on tour with Barley Arts, the agency that first believed in the band's unquestionable live talent in 2003 and followed them through a growth in artistic and popularity of unique proportions.

The series of club concerts marking the new partnership of Barley Arts and Le Vibrazioni begins on 18 March to theHiroshima by Turinfollowed by Live from Trezzo (MI) the 19, Vidia by Cesena the 20, Vipers by Florence the 25, New Age by Roncade (TV) on 26 and 2 April at the Tunnel in Reggio Emilia.

Le Vibrazioni are: Francesco Sarcina (vocals and guitar), Stefano Verderi (guitar and piano), Alessandro Deidda (drums and percussion), Emanuele Gardossi (bass).