"The fact does not constitute an offence". Prosecutor's request rejected in its entirety

Satisfaction also for the acquittals of Vittorio Quattrone and Arci Milano.


'I am happy, certainly, with the outcome of the trial, also because it comes at the same time as the acquittal of Vittorio Quattrone for the Lenny Kravitz and Subsonica concerts at the Arena Civica and a short distance from a similar sentence against Emanuele Patti of the Milan Arci, who exploited the spaces of the Cascina Monlué (a historic site for summer music events in Milan near Viale Forlanini)', but this is only the beginning.

So said Claudio Trotta, owner of Barley Arts, following his acquittal at the end of the criminal trial in which he was charged for the 22-minute over-the-limit concert that Bruce Springsteen held on 25 June 2008 in Sansiro, in front of 65,000 rapturous fans.


The satisfaction at the positive outcome of the trial - 'Acquitted because the fact does not constitute a crime' - does not make Trotta lose sight of the rights of music for which he has always fought. "The result obtained does not erase a wound that remains deep. Very serious things were said during the hearings: Springsteen was even accused of being paid by the minute to give encores. The civil plaintiff, in addition to my conviction, had also asked for a provisional compensation of EUR 3,000. This is a very serious lack of respect not only towards me and towards Springsteen, but also - and above all - towards the public, which by now - in a city like Milan that has ambitions of being not only an Italian but also a European and world cultural pole - is considered only as a voter and consumer. I like to think instead of a group of people who can freely rejoice and enjoy life while attending a good show'.



Milan, 2 July 2010 www.barleyarts.com

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