A new name for the 31 May in SansiroThe Hoosiers' forfeit is replaced by another promising young British band: the Infadelsafter releasing the second album 'Universe in Reverse'preceded by the single 'Make Mistakes'They will again bring all their live energy to Milan.
The Infadels are back. In the 2 years since the release of their debut We Are Not The Infadels have been busy honing their enigmatic sound and making the leap from second festival stages to mainstage in one easy manoeuvre. Fresh out of the studio, 'Universe In Reverse' is their masterpiece produced by Youth, and oozes dancefloor energy with its scratchy guitars and choruses that immediately stick in your head.
During the over 300 shows with bands such as the Chemical Brothers, Franz Ferdinand, White Stripes and Arcade Firethe quintet discovered new sounds beyond pure dance and brought them into the studio in London. Matt Gooderson explains "We lived our dream, and 'Universe In Reverse' is about that. It's a strongly inspired record, which makes everything seem possible.".
With new rhythms and new ideas pulsing through their veins, the band (Bnann - vocals/guitar, Matt Gooderson - guitar and programming, Wag Marshall-Page - bass, Richie Vernon - keyboards and percussion, Alex Bruford-drums) returned from this incredible global marathon in their old studio, part of an old hotel complex in East London. Inspired and determined, Bnann started laying down new tracks on his acoustic guitar while Matt added his electronic touch to the tunes. According to Matt, 'Infadels is a sonic crossover between my ideas and Bnann's. He is the acoustic troubadour who thinks Bob Dylan is a genius and I am the one who prefers Steve Reich or Brian Eno. We are both incredibly passionate about what we like, and we often discuss it. We've never come to blows, but let's just say a few doors have been slammed!".
This variety is amply demonstrated in the 10 tracks that make up 'Universe In Reverse'. First single 'Make Mistakes' adds a lot of guitar to the band's ability to construct distinctly pop tunes. Like many of their songs, 'Make Mistakes' revolves around a super-chatchy chorus, but the lyrics are not so obvious, and actually refer to Bnann's childhood in Norfolk, telling the story of a man trying to escape from his daily grind with disastrous consequences. The refrain "We all make mistakes from time to time". is a phrase that anyone can identify with. Matt explains how the sound of the album developed: 'We sought out the energy and guitars of bands like the White Stripes or Yeah Yeah Yeahs, then surrounded the music with deep, almost cinematic sounds. The feeling is similar, but each song has its own distinct sonic personality'.
Once 'Universe In Reverse' was written, the group called the super-producer Youth - who works in a studio in the same complex. They were only in the studio for 14 days. As Matt recalls, "Youth wanted us to work pretty quickly. That gave the record a certain spontaneity, and more of the spirit that we have live. He's a genius at capturing the moment". Bnann laughs: "He's also a bit weird. He was shouting names at us in the talkback just seconds before we started recording. Peter Hook, Mick Ronson, Robert Fripp, John Bonham... Or something totally random, like Hell's Angels. We'd think 'Who's he talking to?', 'What does that mean?'. Then he'd push the button to start recording and we'd start. It was fun, and you can hear a lot of that'.
The fun factor is also very much present in the second single, 'Free Things For Poor People'which came to life on a t-shirt designed by keyboardist Richie Vermin. Destined to become one of the hits of the summer (it is already enjoying great success in the UK!), it radiates positivity. Live it is already a crowd favourite, thanks to its sing-along melody. Bnann explains that 'It's a bit of a dream song, which sums up how we felt in the studio. We formed this band to make music, not to make money, and we're making music, so we're happy!"
'Universe In Reverse' is a record full of songs that stick in the mind, reflecting the band's heady year and a half on the road. Ready to start again, Matt concludes: "We make music to push people to follow their dreams, and to make them have fun".