One of the most extravagant artistic couples around comes to Italia Wave 2008- Thursday 17 July - as headliner of the second night at the Livorno Stadium.
Gnarls Barkley represents an enigmatic presence in the show-business world, into which it formally entered in 2006, thanks to the song 'Crazy'. In the same year they released their first record ('St. Elsewhere'), for which he received two Grammy Awards and six nominations at the same, thus becoming a global phenomenon without ever having appeared in public. With fame, however, comes attention, which Gnarls seemed to dislike, to the point of splitting into two, the yin and the yang. To escape the public gaze, he tunneled into the forgotten underworld of popular music and human psychology, realities explored by Gnarls on his second LP 'The Odd Couple'.
Joining him for this venture are Danger Mouse, one of the most creative and impaviedi artist and producer, and Cee-Lo Greencalled 'the soul machines'. Gnarls Barkley is 'The Odd Couple', a glorious ensemble and an eternal mix of sound and enigma. He finds solace in the strange, the mysterious and the familiar, giving voice to the most complex emotions and defying the most vivid imaginations.