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Antonella Ruggiero

Antonella Ruggiero, universally considered one of the most intense and evocative voices on the Italian music scene, has shown her curiosity over the years by experimenting with different sound and artistic forms. After her career with Matia Bazar, which lasted fourteen years and a seven-year hiatus, Antonella Ruggiero resumed her activity in 1996, ranging from sacred music to jazz, passing through Jewish, Portuguese, Oriental and traditional folk music. Ruggiero's solo career began with 'Libera' (1996), which was followed by 'Registrazioni moderne', in which her previous production was reinterpreted together with many groups (from Bluvertigo to Subsonica, via the Banda Osiris). In 1999, it was the turn of 'Sospesa', featuring a composition by Ennio Morricone. In 2000, he began a series of concerts of sacred repertoire with the Arkè Strings Quartet, fixed in the following work "Luna crescente" (2001) and the subsequent CD/DVD "Sacrarmonia", recorded in Bologna, in Piazza Santo Stefano (2004). After tackling the most beautiful themes from Broadway musicals, in 2002 she was at the Venice Biennale at the La Fenice Theatre, for the first performance of "Medea", a video work by Adriano Guarnieri, and in 2003 followed with the album "Antonella Ruggiero". Then in 2007 it was the turn of 'Pietra di di di diaspro', also by Guarnieri, at the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome. In 2005, it was the turn of 'Big Band!', between songs by singer-songwriters from the 1960s and Latin American echoes, with the sound of the big band. In 2006, he took part in Marco Goldin's theatrical project dedicated to Turner "L'abitudine della luce", with a CD of unreleased tracks made for the event. This was followed by the following productions: "Stralunato recital live", "Souvenir d'Italie", a journey through Italian song between the two wars and "Genova, la Superba", dedicated to the tradition of songwriting in his city. October 2008 saw the release of "Pomodoro genetico", a four-handed collaboration with Roberto Colombo, in which electronics blend with the classical sounds of the strings and the voice in turn becomes an instrument, without using lyrics, with video images by Fabio Massimo Iaquone and Luca Attilii. November 2010 saw the release of 'I regali di Natale' (Christmas presents), a CD containing twenty songs from the Christian tradition of the Christmas period, in a journey that goes from the Middle Ages to the 1940s, drawing from the classical and popular repertoire. 2014 saw the release of the unreleased album 'L'impossibile è certo', with collaborations by Eraldo Affinati, Erri De Luca, Michela Murgia and Simone Lenzi. June 2015 saw the release of the CD/DVD 'Requiem elettronico', ten songs by Italian singer-songwriters focusing on the theme of death, with the collaboration of visual artist ConiglioViola. In November 2015, Sony Classical released 'Cattedrali', a repertoire of sacred music recorded in Cremona Cathedral with Maestro Fausto Caporali at the organ. 2015 also saw the start of her collaboration with pianist Andrea Bacchetti. Previously, Antonella had the opportunity to collaborate with orchestral ensembles such as I Virtuosi Italiani, the Palast Orchester and the Digi Ensemble Berlin, as well as numerous Italian bands and choral groups. November 2016 saw the release of 'La vita imprevedibile delle canzoni' (The unpredictable life of songs), a transposition on disc of the repertoire interpreted by Antonella from 1975 to 2014, with piano arrangements by Stefano Barzan and a performance by Andrea Bacchetti. The disc is published by Libera Music / Sony Classical.   *Booking in collaboration with Libera Music.

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